Teaching my two left feet to Swing Dance

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Long story short, because the details are non-existant, I need to learn how to Swing Dance in a week.

Is there any easy way to pick it up and learn how to? Cause as it stands right now I have so little sense of rythm or coordination that its just getting embarassing.

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    My uncle taught me the basics of swing dance in 20 minutes. I'm bad at teaching over the interweb... or describing what I mean soo... Grab a gal, or a friend and try the things in THESE VIDEOS.

    In the very first video, when he says "slow, slow, quick quick, slow"... that's exactly what I learned. It's the very basic, and easy. try and push yourself further with those other videos.
    Oh, and I also learned the basic spins and stuff. It's really easy once you get it and I couldn't dance otherwise to save my life.

    Good luck!

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    Slow, slow, quick, quick
    1 and 2 and 3 4

    One of those mental counts should help you. East Coast Swing / Jitterbug is a 6 count dance hence the slow (1 2) slow (3 4) quick (5) quick (6). Also known as a "spot" dance, because the male leads his partner around in a spot (whereas West Coast is a "slot" dance in which the male leads his partner back and forth along a slot).

    So as the lead you're stepping left, then right, then the rock step which is a quicker half step back on the ball of your left foot then back to right. That's the cycle. The initial step with your left foot doesn't have to be a huge step out either, try to use it to lead yourself in the direction you want to go. So the whole cycle can be done so at the end you can end up slightly left, right, etc.

    All (I think all, it's been a while) of the moves are initiated on the rock step. And turns I believe are led counter clockwise as was shown in the first video on the site Alyce linked. I think this is done for a consideration to the partner since her rock step will be back on her right foot and then initiating the move pulls her forward and to her left where her weight is going anyway.

    Basically, once you're comfortable with the 6 count 4 step without moving your general body position, try shifting around in circles while maintaining the same foot pattern. Work on gradually moving across the room, cutting back, turning around, etc. I don't know where you'll be going, but dance halls can be pretty crowded so while you're focused on your partner you also need to be very aware of everyone around you and able to shift into the open space.

    What's the deal for the learn in a week? Where will you be dancing? The place I used to go always offered a 30 minute into lesson going over basic footwork, basic turn, and another move before letting everyone cut loose.

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