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[SIFRP]Song of Ice and Fire: The Roleplaying Game

El FantasticoEl Fantastico Toronto, ONRegistered User regular
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Before I begin, I apologize for the lackluster OP. This is my second OP and I've only really skimmed through the book since picking it up yesterday. When I return home from work, I'll update the OP with info directly from the book itself, but wanted to get this out there to drum up and gauge overall interest.

A Song of
Ice and Fire

*trumpeting fanfare*

So this is a relatively new (March 2009) product release by Green Ronin though there was a free playtest of this on Free RPG day last year, June 21st. For the record, I didn't even know there was such a day as Free RPG day, and so close to my own birthday!

Anyway, this isn't the first PnP RPG based on George R. R. Martin's fantastic series. There was a previous RPG called Game of Thrones published in 2005. The company who created it folded a year later, and from what I'd heard, the books are quite rare. They're also huge, much like GRRM's own novels.

This new Song of Ice and Fire RPG uses it's own set of rules, which may sound familiar to White Wolf players. SIFRP uses only d6 dice to resolve all situations. There's a very handy set of quick rules in .pdf format posted on the Green Ronin site (posted here now, too!) and it comes with a small set-up campaign. Right off the bat, I can see that there isn't quite as much detail in the quick-start rules, so I'll update the OP with an abbreviated version of "How-To" later on.

This game doesn't seem to focus so much on combat and dungeon delving like your typical game of D&D, and it rightly shouldn't. GRRM's books were so much more than that. Situations in this game can by handled by a myriad of possibilities with many potential outcomes. While your fighter or knight character may be more involved in fighting a war for your Lord, or competing in a tournament, you'll also have spies and rogues scheming behind the scenes, doing with words what couldn't be done with weapons.

Has anyone else picked up this book and may be able to offer up some more insight, or maybe has already begun a game? I'm curious to get more opinions on this RPG. I've only ever known D&D for tabletop gaming and kind of want to expand the borders a bit.

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    MegazverMegazver Registered User regular
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    I tried reading the OP, but then I was suddenly, violently killed. It shook everyone who read about it to the core. Some threw their monitors across the room.

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    ThetherooThetheroo Registered User regular
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    I've got the first rule book, haven't heard about this one. And yes, it is huuugggeeee. Like 400 pages.

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    HermenegildeHermenegilde Registered User regular
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    3 points for whomever killed Megazver (more points could have been awarded had it been gruesome too.)

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    The EverymanThe Everyman Registered User regular
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    I too have the original A Game of Thrones PnP book you mentioned. If I remember correctly, it was pretty similar to the d20 system.

    I just browsed through the quick-start rules. Pretty interesting. I certainly like the inclusion of the intrigue rules, though I'll need to read a little more in depth before I grasp how conflicts are resolved.

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    TheLawinatorTheLawinator Registered User regular
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    I will play this.

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