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Quick networking question...

JasconiusJasconius sword criminalmad onlineRegistered User regular
edited May 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
I am getting Comcast hooked up (by virtue of lack of options), and I am pretty sure that their modems are not wireless.

If I go out and by a Linksys wireless router, plug my cable modem into it... that's basically an automatic thing right?

Is that how it is supposed to go? Is there any potential raining of sulfur and/or frogs that could result?

Can I run a CAT5 cable from my actual cable modem to my desktop machine, and then run the second cable to the wireless router to provide connectivity to my laptop?

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    DaenrisDaenris Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    It's usually pretty much plug and play. You will want to read the instructions that come with your router and change the SSID and set it up to use WPA or WEP so that a passcode is required and your network isn't open. You will connect the cable modem to the router, then hook your computer up to the router.

    While it should be possible to turn on internet connection sharing on your desktop and run the cable modem to the desktop, and then the desktop to the router (assuming you have two network connections on your desktop?) it is most likely going to be too much of a pain in the ass to bother with, and there is no benefit to doing it this way, so don't.

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    TinuzTinuz Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    The only thing I can think of is that your IP may 'lock' your MAC address. Your router should have one, but I don't know if it is brand new.

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    SpherickSpherick Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    You don't want to connect your computer directly to the modem - this is why routers exist.

    Wall Plug -> Modem -> Router -> Computer and Laptop.

    Basically you will need 3 CAT5's. One to go from modem to the router, then 2 for the router to computer and router to laptop.

    Also if you want to use wireless, ignore the CAT5's from the router to the computers and just use the wireless function. Be sure to change your SSID and router login information from default. Also enable WPA or WEP and if you know what it is - MAC address filtering.

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    KrikeeKrikee Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    Use WPA or WPA2 if your AP supports it; in fact, go out of your way and spend the extra few dollars to ensure your AP supports this as WEP cracking is child's play.

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