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[PRIME] Akoha players at PAX

CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic MountPerth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
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I've been playing Akoha for a while now and am really enjoying it, it has been a great way to meet random people and feel good about yourself since the point of the game is to be nice to people. You know, that whole "Don't be a dick." thing. Akoha is a real-world virtual game, where you do good deeds in real-life and get karma points in the virtual game. It is, in simple terms, based on the concept of paying it forward. You do a good deed for someone who in turn does a good deed for someone else and so on.

The way this is played is with cards that you give to the person when you do something nice, you log it on the Akoha website and so do they to confirm it. You get points for it. Bonus points are given for a story, photo or video proof, mapping where it occurred, and that. That person can then play that same card on another person, getting them some good karma but also giving your karma a boost for being the instigator.

FAQ here -

Now, while playing this, I had a thought, it would be really cool to get a bunch of really nice people who do nice things for complete strangers to play this with me. A bunch of people who like playing games too who would get into the karma points side too... HEY WAIT A MINUTE! Those sound like PAX people!

So essentially I am seeing if anyone was interested in getting in on this with me, you just need to buy a beta deck of Akoha cards from and once you get them, register on the website and start being a good player. If there is enough interest, I've been poking the creator of Akoha to convince him to do a similar deal for PAX as he did for TED - custom Akoha decks with missions more suited/aimed at PAX attendees. I was thinking things like "Jump into a Co-op game in Console Freeplay" or "Give your line spot to someone" or "Take someone to relax in the Handheld Lounge".

Thoughts? Yay lets do this? Bueller?

CuZZa on


  • neurosliceneuroslice Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    Awesome, CuZZa.
    I try to be as karmically positive in my life; and it really works.
    Karma isn't about getting something back from that person, though insta-karma sometimes happens.
    It's about living life as well as possible, and things come back to you. In a good way.

    Though I've been homeless, houseless, crazy, sane, fun, annoying, etc.: I have never gone hungry a day in my life. And I've never really had enough money to do more than scrape on by. Except a few times.

    I am generous to a fault, actually, when I have resources. And I should have a good job this summer, but that hasn't really happened much for me yet. And I'm twenty-four.

    This game sounds cool; and if they'll do it for TED (Which was in my hometown until last year, and I know Hal Halpin went last year), they probably will for PAX.

    Which costs a lot fucking less than TED. TED's cheapest ticket is like 4 grand.

    neuroslice on
    Hotel bound on PAX Saturday,
    I exclaimed "Khoo is my Sensei!"
    So if memes make great shirts,
    And Pod Six is Jerks,
    Then Moe, Khoo and I had our day.
  • MaoChanMaoChan Registered User regular
    edited May 2009
    Glad to see some people are trying to balance the cosmos as I definitely am self-centered and it is all about me. More props to ya and you def can do something for me.

    ME ME ME ME!!!

    MaoChan on
  • draklandraklan Chocobo in time the Frosty North... mmm FrostingRegistered User regular
    edited June 2009
    I just checked out the site and it seems like a very cool idea. I'm not sure about buying a pack tho as with my luck i'd have to pay even more as it crosses the border. I'm sure the Canadian border personnel would implement a hippie tax or something more dumb. I'm kidding about this but it seems i've had to pay stupid fees a few times too many when importing something that isn't very expensive.

    See if you can convince them to do a PAX themed deck i would definitely be WAY more into that idea :)

    Edit: oh wow It looks like the company is in Montreal maybe no Hippie Import tax after all

    draklan on
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