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Hello, I came up with a concept for a webcomic that may or may not be made, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer constructive criticism on the concept, sorry that the art isn't better, but I'm not the best, and I did these fairly quikly.

This is the second concept strip I drew, I would have put the first one up, but it was too long.
Page 1 and Page 2

Here's one not related to the story in the last one.

Here's some concept art

And here are two that are almost completely unrelated to the last two. here's the first one First one and the second one

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    The last one made me smile, but I'm going to be pretty honest these were mostly terrible. The art is lacking so much on a fundamental level it's hard to even know where to begin telling you what to do (other than find a good Loomis book here and go to town).

    The writing on the other hand, at the moment, isn't very good. But if you kept at it you might find your stride. Humor is hard. Written humor is even harder.

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    Your comics are incredibly crudely drawn, but they have a strange charm. I'm not sure what it is, or if it's even intentional, but the first and last two comics that you posted had me smiling. I didn't get the one about macs, though.

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