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waynewayne Registered User regular
Ok...I know that a lot of times moderators need to be notified of things to be taken care of, but sometimes you don't know who's going to get the message fast enough. That's where this suggestion comes in.

Put in each forum something that lists which moderator is currently policing the forum. It doesn't actually have to follow which mod is on the forum at the time because of course if no mods are around, we don't want it to show that. That's why I figure, maybe have it show the "patrolling moderator" as the moderator who has posted most recently. Even if it was to say that moderator's name for a few hours, we wouldn't particularly know if he hadn't posted in hours or has been posting for hours.

Maybe this isn't the perfect solution, but it's just nice to be able to pm the right moderator who is probably there at the time to get things fixed.

This complaint stems from a thread with a broken h-scroll. When I'm at 1280x1024, my h-scroll should NOT be broken by text, and in fact, probably not by images either. I guess since I couldn't get a moderator's attention, I'd make this suggestion since some matters are actually important enough to need a mod near instantly.

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  • Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver You don't have to attend every argument you are invited to. Philosophy: Stoicism. Politics: Democratic SocialistRegistered User, ClubPA regular
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    i honestly can not believe that wayne posted this... o_O

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  • OrthancOrthanc Death Lite, Only 1 Calorie Off the end of the internet, just turn left.Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    We could use this to report cases of a repeting sitewhore.....

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    Oh wayne.

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    Yeah... "Who is Online." Plus, as I'm sure you can see, Ramius put something in next to our names. If we still have an active session it will show up next to our names right over there.


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