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Rings for two [non-engagement]

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My boyfriend is heading off to work at a camp for the summer. Neither of us are worried about possible commitment issues and the like, but he thinks it's a cute excuse to have a set of "promise rings" to wear until we either decide to get married or break up. Really romantic looking rings aren't our style, so claddaghs, hearts, etc, are out, but robots, steampunk, astronomy, and other sciency-things are good, so I was kind of hoping to find something along those lines. I don't want it to be gaudy, since we'll be wearing them all the time, so while those his/her ethernet connection rings are awesome, it's not exactly what I'm looking for. They can still be really unique-looking, just not borderline silly. Preferably around $100 or less for the set. I've been pouring over google and Etsy, but any suggestions from you guys would be great.

tl;dr: Looking for a classy ring set under $100 for a geekish couple.

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