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"Doctor!" Trauma Team (Trauma Center sequel) announced for Wii

LunkerLunker Registered User regular
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Aka "Hospital," the Japanese game that was recently announced by Famitsu. Here are some gameplay details from Joystiq:
In this week's Famitsu, Atlus has revealed a "spiritual successor" to the Trauma Center series that expands the game's scope beyond surgery. Hospital, created by the same development team as the hit surgery games, stars six different medical practitioners, each with a different specialization. Only one of the six is a Trauma Center-style surgeon -- Prisoner CR-SO1, a convict whose sentence was reduced in exchange for his surgical expertise.

The rest of the group include a diagnostician, a paramedic, a cosmetic surgeon (who performs non-life-or-death procedures like hip replacements), an endoscopic surgeon, and a forensic examiner. Each character features a different style of play.

According to 1up's translation of the article, producer Daisuke Kanada told Famitsu that the game "completes one of the goals for a medical series that we've been striving for before, and it's also a wholly new title, not a sequel to Trauma Center. It's not just a surgery game, but an entire hospital in game form.

So it's not quite a Trauma Center sequel, but it's still obviously in the same vein (har-he-har-he-har).

I actually never got very far into New Blood (on my pile of shame and I had a hell of a time using the Healing Touch on the Wii version), but I'm still a big fan of the series as a whole, and this is definitely on my short list of things I'd probably buy blindly. So stretch out your hand, and let's begin the operation!

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