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Warhammer 40,000 Melee Combat Idea

SolphraeSolphrae Registered User
edited May 2009 in Games and Technology
Hi I’m Solphrae, and I’m a war hammer fan, so I am excited for this new mmo, also the new action game, space marine, but I want to talk about the mmo. Ok, I heard somewhere that the main combat will be ranged weapon based, and I’m cool with that. I think they should rip the melee system off of chronicles of Riddick: Butchers Bay, but improve on it. If you owned or played this game, you would know about what I’m talking about. If you wanted to punch or slash with a melee weapon, you would press D on your keyboard with pressing the mouse at the same time, and you would attack right, A to attack left, and W or S to slice up or uppercut. Why not do that with chain-swords, power-swords, daemon hammers, and ice-blades ( I think those are axes that space marines use)? I could see it, also with a block and dodge system, it would be freaking epic, two players in sync with each other until the other slips up and you have the chance to end it right there. Tell me what you think. =)

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