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[Recommend On] A new computer!

ArkanArkan Registered User
edited June 2009 in Games and Technology
So I turned 21 today. Among other things, I got 400$ and access to a savings account containing 1600$. That, plus a 100$ best buy gift card I had lying around, plus the fact that the computer I currently have suuuuuuucks, makes me want to get a new computer. But I'm not really sure what to look for, so I figured I'd asked THE INTERNET! for advice.

Some criteria:

I am not looking for a hyper-exensive ubercomputer... I'm not looking to run Crysis at max settings or anything (is that joke dead yet?). The highest-end thing I might run possibly ever would probably be Warhammer Online. The rest of the games I run regularly aren't that advanced (source/orange box engine games and WoW are the only ones that tax the one I'm on now, which is a 3-year old laptop). Something above and beyond that would be nice, but I really don't want to go super-expensive - 600-800$ is the range I want to be in. I'm hopefully going to a 4-year college this fall and want as much of the money available for that.

I'd also like something that would last a while - good warranty, easy to upgrade the parts, stuff that isn't failure-prone, etc.

So... any suggestions?

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  • PotatoNinjaPotatoNinja Fake Gamer Goat Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    If you're modestly technically literate, head over to the G&T Technology subforum and read the computer build thread. I recently built a rig for $800 ($720 after MIBs) that runs everything but Crysis at max settings at 60+ FPS. It runs Crysis at near-max settings at 60 FPS without AA on because Crysis is a buggy piece of junk and won't let me enable AA or change any settings at all for some inane reason.

    Either way, Tech subforum is probably a better place to ask.

    PotatoNinja on
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