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Minor Vista Bug [Advice On]

DarkWarriorDarkWarrior __BANNED USERS regular
Just a very small problem but an inconvenience none the less. I reinstalled Vista a few weeks ago and since then, when saving a large number of pictures in sequence (normally comics) I'm encountering a problem where its not saving my desired save point between pictures.

So essentially, I click to save, browse to where I want it saved then save it.
Next picture, I click to save and its gone to the default PC pictures folder instead or even somewhere else.
Go maybe 4-5 pictures and suddenly this one pops up to save in my desired place.

Before I reinstalled Vista I didnt have this problem, I'd chose where to save and that'd stick until I changed it.

Any advice? Its not a huge problem but the frequency I save pictures, having it constantly go to my Pictures folder which is full of crap already is inconvenient at best.

Thanks for reading.

DarkWarrior on
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