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Did some searching around but it seems this topic never came up before.

I, like a growing number of people in North America, have a food allergy to peanuts. Peanut allergies cause a variety of reactions. Most are mild and can include anything from an upset stomach to headaches. For some people however the reaction is far more serious. Some people can't stand being in the same room as a person who has eaten peanuts hours before. For most people this allergy also extends to other nuts such as almonds, walnuts and cashews.

In my case the reaction falls somewhere in between. I have no problem being around peanuts. But if I happen to eat any then I am in big trouble. One tenth of a peanut will make me very sick. Half a peanut will send me to the hospital. Luckily such incidents are very rare, but they generally result from a lack of information.


I was curious if any of you guys have food allergies as well, and how you manage them. As well I have a couple of questions.

- Are there any commonly available foods that should be avoided as "risky"?
- How aware are restaurants, bars and other eateries of food allergies?
- Are the Enforcers aware of the signs of distress and what to do in an emergency?

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    Restaurants in Seattle are equally aware of food allergies as anywhere else in the US. You should also take it upon yourself to ask "Are there any peanuts in that?" when you are ordering.

    There are Enforcer medics who are professionally trained in emergency response and will be on duty throughout the weekend.

    If you have a food allergy, you should be well aware of the basic foods to avoid and what to look for. If not, talk to your doctor before you come so you know what you should stay away from.

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    I have an allergy to Cheese, Yogurt and Sour Cream. But no not a Dairy allergy it's an allergy to the Bacteria that flavours many of these foods. I can eat a limited amount of certain cheeses before i get sick and sour cream is almost definitely a don't touch for me. Yogurt in it's liquid form is fairly harsh to me as well but I seem to like the frozen variety just fine.

    I mostly just don't eat anything with cheese in or on it. or at least limit what i will eat. I know alot of people who think this is terrible and that they couldn't live without cheese but trust me if you have been allergic for as long as you can remember and you really don't like being sick you learn to not like cheese all that much.

    anyway that's enough info I feel sorry conversely for people with peanut allergies as I do love peanuts and peanut butter something fiercely.

    So i guess i understand what everyone else means about my cheese allergy after all. :)


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    I also have a nut allergy... As long as you ask before you eat anything you'll be fine.

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