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Best way to ship/package DS/PS2 games?

LiquidatorLiquidator Registered User regular
edited June 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
I've put up a bunch of my old DS and PS2 games on eBay because I don't play them anymore and I could use the extra cash. I am getting lots of bids and many of the auctions are going to be closing tomorrow. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience shipping Nintendo DS games (in their original DS case) as well as PS2 games in their DVD case. What's the best way to get these items out to the people who won them? I've put down on my auctions that I'm going to be using USPS Media Mail (my Mom suggested that as it is apparently cheap), but I'm just wondering how I should pack them? What do I put them in, where do I get the containers to pack them in, etc. I probably should have figured this out more than a day in advance of when my auctions end, but I guess I procrastinated a little too much this time!

Any help from the PA hive-mind would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!

Liquidator on


  • RazielRaziel Registered User
    edited June 2009
    A DVD mailer envelope will probably be sufficient - one of those that's lined with bubble wrap. If you're worried about the case cracking, you can probably pack the hollow spaces with folded paper or more bubble wrap. I'm Canadian, so YMMV of course, but you can usually buy packing materials at the post office itself.

    Raziel on
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    Thank you, Rubacava!
  • KalTorakKalTorak Way up inside your butthole, Morty. WAAAAY up inside there.Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    I've never had any trouble sending or receiving DS/PS2 games in bubble-wrap lined mailers. They're cheap, pretty easy to find in the right size, and easier to mail than boxes.

    KalTorak on
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