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Monitor refresh rate - does it make a real difference?

HenryWardHenryWard Registered User regular
Hey all,

So, finally getting around to finalizing a new computer purchase, and I've heard a lot about monitor refresh rate (and noticed the hefty price difference between 2ms and 5ms refresh rate monitors). Does it actually matter noticeably for high performance gaming? I will be using it for FPSs, and if it's really going to make a difference I'll shell out for the fast one, but I just wanted to see what peoples' experiences were.


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    CronusCronus Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    It matters quite a bit, though the human eye can't tell the difference between small increments, when you have difference of >~10 hz it's noticeable. I've got a Viewsonic VP930b. A few years old now with an 8 ms refresh rate.

    The key thing you really need to watch out for is whether or not the refresh rate reported by the manufacturer is indicative of real world perf. There were chaper 4ms monitors out when I bought mine, but those were much higher sometimes upwards of 20ms in real world use.

    A good site to find this info is

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