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My camera won't turn on...

CorakCorak Registered User
edited June 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
Okay, to be more precise, it will not STAY on.

I own a Kodak M1063 camera. It recently came into our possession lightly used (by my father in law, barely touched). It has worked fine for the short time we've owned it, recently however, it refuses to power up. We hit the power, the green light starts blinking, the screen turns on to say "Kodak Easy Share" for about a half-second, then shuts down. Also, the lense begins to extract itself for the same half-second before retracting back.

Now, the one bad part of this story is that this camera was brought to a beach before it started working. It was in dry-hands and then in a bag, but the bag conceivably had some sand in it, and it at least got near the water where I realize salt-water is spraying around and such.

So... any ideas? Anyone had this problem with this or any other camera? Has salt water and/or sand logged itself in my camera? I've tried blowing it, drying it, etc, but it's been a few days, no luck yet.

I live!
Corak on


  • LurkLurk Registered User
    edited June 2009
    Are you using rechargeable batteries? I had a similar issue, where my camera refused to accept rechargeable batteries for some reason.

    Lurk on
  • TechnicalityTechnicality Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    My sisters Canon was doing a similar thing after a beach holiday. I disassembled it and discovered it was due to a bit of sand wedged in the lens gearing that prevented the lens from extending properly. The camera would start to extend the lens, reach the point where it couldn't go any further, and then retract it and shut down. Once the speck was extracted from the teeth of the gear it worked fine once again.

    Taking apart and putting back together a camera is a monumental pain in the ass though. So many tiny tiny screws and ribbon cables.

    Technicality on
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