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[D&D 3.5e] Eberron: The Age of Worms - Application Thread

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This is the Application Thread for my D&D 3.5 game, Eberron: The Age of Worms.

I'm looking for 4-5 players who are familiar with the rules and interested in a fun, casual play-by-post game. I've basically started a new job overseas and have a lot of freetime to burn. Getting live games together here is difficult at best, so I'm looking for a new venue... and it seems like PA fans would be the type of people I'd have fun playing with.

As the name implies, the campaign will be the Age of Worms adventure path from Dungeon Magazine, adapted to fit in the Eberron setting; more experience with the latter and less with the former is preferred (so let me know how much you've dealt with them, respectively). All Eberron sources will be accepted, others need to be run by me first. Rolls will be done on Invisible Castle, sheets on Myth Weavers. Bear in mind that while I've DMed PbP games before, I'm still learning these websites, I'm using them purely because I see them around here so much :P

The initial premise (to help you pick a character): You'ill be starting out in the backwater mining town of Diamond Lake in northern Breland. Any Eberron backstory is acceptable, the only caveat being that that your character is dirt-poor (the starting package represents literally ALL of your worldly possessions). Diamond Lake is not a nice place-- you represent some of the few people who didn't spend their minimum on booze and brothels (yet!) So whether you grew up there, crashed there after the Last War, or got dumped there some other way, you probably want to get out.

And as always, the goal is fun. Anything that makes people have more of it is a good thing.

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