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[PRIME] New Sardines Thread!

FokkarFokkar Registered User regular
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Hey Guys,
My friend started a thread back in February asking if anyone was interested in playing Sardines... but now that thread's locked so I wanted to start another one as we're getting a little closer to PAX (woot).

So yeah... if you haven't played Sardines before (we played it last year on Saturday; we were the crazies running around with flagging tape on our heads), it is a TON of fun. Yes, that's right... a TON.

The game works like this:

One person is 'it'. Everyone who is not 'it' waits a set amount of time (say 2 minutes or so) for the 'it' person to go hide somewhere in the convention centre (we usually restrict a round of Sardines to one specific level of the centre, and change it up every round). The 'it' person can't hide behind any locked (or should be locked) doors, or anywhere that would disrupt other PAX events... but everywhere else is game (one person hid in a planter... yeah, we didn't find him).
After the allotted hiding time is up, everyone who is not 'it' runs around and tries to find the clever person. Once you find them (which you want to do discretely), you have to then hide with them.
The round ends when the time's up (we usually set a 10-15 minute round limit) or when everyone has found the 'it' person.

Anywho... the game is a ton of fun, and it's good to run around a bit.

When we get closer to PAX, we'll set a time and place to congregate for the game (last year, we used the top of the main escalators).

So yeah... anyone interested/have questions?

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