To Kill an Icon. Or: The Impotency of Comics



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    emnmnmeemnmnme Registered User regular
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    I liked how the Sandman comics handled the deaths of the Endless. Big ceremony underneath the city-sized necropolis and the successor poofs in as a replacement. I don't quite understand how a concept can die but the new guy acts a lot differently than the old guy and the universe is changed because of it.


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    DouglasDangerDouglasDanger PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
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    Regarding Final Crisis, I felt like it should have been an event of the scope of Seven Soldiers, ie at something like 30 issues. There was no sense of scope. I guess there are/were minis that kind of showed the scope of the near-apocalypse, but all of the Final Crisis: Whatever stuff sounds terrible in the solicits, or looks godawful in the previews. I think there was even something called Resistence or Resist, but it didn't sound like it had anything to do with the heroes fighting Dark Seid for six months or whatever the time frame was supposed to be.

    I guess Morrison wanted to show the aftermath for some reason, it was in one of his interviews. I don't understand why he didn't show the conflicts though. Too much happened off screen.

    I really wanted something to be done with Auracles, the neanderthal superhero that Metron and Orion made in Seven Soldiers.

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