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Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog ORIGINAL (Rare)

metamorphosismetamorphosis __BANNED USERS regular
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In secret and 7 years before the eventual "commercial" released version of Her Ghost In The Fog, Cradle of Filth recorded the original version deep in an underground Leningrad bunker.
And now, for the first time, you, the public get to hear it!!!

(incidentally, not much pitch-shifting was used on the vocals. Dani reportedly had Adrian Erlandsson kick him repeatedly in the crotch during this session.)

See, hear and download my art:
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    beavotronbeavotron Registered User regular
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    I... I don't understand how people come into the AC and fail to see/read the giant "RULES" sticky at the top of the page.
    it just blows my mind.

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    bwaniebwanie Posting into the void Registered User regular
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    nevermind the fucking rules, he even managed to post a song in a completely unrelated forum.

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