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Brachial Plexus Injury and COD4

arfaadarfaad Registered User new member
Hey all,
I am/was a COD4 player until i injured my brachial plexus (the trunk of nerves that supply brain signals to the arms). I can no longer use my left hand and arm to any useful extent. I need a mouse that has directional or programmable buttons built in as these mice are more affordable to me than access controllers and quite frankly, seem more accessible than the so-called access controllers that are shaped like giant fisher-price toys with buttons that are so far spaced that I might as well give up gaming altogether if i had to use one.

So far I have checked out the
1. Saitek Cyborg mouse
- consists of a 4-way hat-switch (I can strafe and run and the mouse aims)

2. Microsoft Sidewinder X8 mouse
- 7 programmable buttons

3. Logitech 3D Joystick
- Has hat switch

4. Sandio 3D 02
- has what appears to be an analog stick where a mouse wheel should be.

I am in a dilemma, because i cant decide which is best, the mice are more likely because i will not need mapping software for them unlike the joystick and mice highlighted are programmable. Should I try the Saitek because it has the hat switch or should i use the Sidewinder? Do these mice have any compatibility issues with COD4? Will their buttons be easily mapped so i can customise anything for this game? Please help me, I am desperate and overwhelmed by the volume of information on the internet that keeps me from making up my mind.

Any other suggestions advice are welcome, please help this shattered gamer out before i collapse from retardation.

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