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Partitioning external HDD in OS X

MoioinkMoioink Registered User regular
I am looking to get a 1TB external drive (a MyBook probably) for my iMac. What I am hoping to do is have one partition of 250GB onto which I will backup exactly my internal HDD every week or so using SuperDuper as a bootable replica (I am a bit meh on time machine), another smaller partition of 50-100GB for boot camp as NTFS and then the 600GB~ remaining space as a third partition for TV show downloads. Is such an unholy creation possible? The two Mac partitions shouldn't be too hard to split but looking at the Boot Camp Assistant it's not letting me select anything other than an internal drive.

Moioink on


  • RBachRBach Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    Boot Camp Assistant won't let you select an external drive because Macs (currently) can't boot Windows (or anything else using the legacy BIOS support) from an external drive. If you want to try it, anyway, Disk Utility will let you set up the partitioning manually, but you'll probably just be wasting your time.

    RBach on
  • MoioinkMoioink Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    Darn, that explains it. Thanks.

    Moioink on
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