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need advice for new webcomic and art!

lostone2099lostone2099 Registered User
edited June 2009 in Artist's Corner
I've been designing a webcomic with a friend of mine, but have run into a snag. I'm finally getting to where I like where my own art is going, (with a few exceptions, please feel free to comment since I can use all the advice I can get) but I don't know how to advertise myself other than hoping people see the art and like it. Anyone have any suggestions?



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  • FletcherFletcher Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    I really like your backgrounds, especially the bottom panel in the posted comic; the effort you've put in really shows.

    personally the criticisms i would give are:

    The changes in font between characters are unnecessary for the most part. Some of your panels have four different kinds of font in them, which is a little jarring; it's cool to vary font once in a while, but every character having their own separate font, and speaking all at once, is a little much. Likewise with the coloured text balloons! Bright red and blue would look horrendous, as i'm sure you know, but with all the bright colours in background/character design (especially in the comic posted), the pink and blue text balloons are at that annoying stage of not-quite-white where its just distracting

    Basically, if it isn't clear who is speaking, it's usually due to the placement of the text or the style of the text balloons. I don't use balloons because i don't really have backgrounds for text to clash with, but theres a reason rounded balloons with curved tails are the norm (they're easy to read!)

    The only other thing i can think of right now is the whole "copyright" thing. You should be fine using other peoples' characters, but i wouldn't recommend trying to make money from the comic in any way in case you awaken the copyright fairies.

    Advertisement-wise, starting a deviantart account and linking to your site from there might get you a few hits/readers. Sites like project wonderful probably won't be an option, because copyrighted characters are kind of a no-go area with anything commercial.

    If you're seriously looking for a lot of readers, i'd recommend trying to start a "traditional" webcomic site as opposed to a blog. Although the blog format works for some comics (nedroid for example), it's rare, and readers will appreciate your archived comics being easily accessible. Plus you instantly get classier if you have a website, and girls will be all over you asking for you to give them your url.

    whew that is enough writing for now i need a coffee

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  • FletcherFletcher Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    oh yeah also i should probably throw in the standard clause of

    "new threads are for art, not questions"

    this thread is for questions, discussions etc; you might want to post a little more art to make this "threadworthy"

    in general the AC is more accepting of inlined images than links to blogs, DA accounts etc.


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  • WassermeloneWassermelone Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    For the comic you posted:

    The backgrounds* are fantastic. Particularly the fourth panel. The art in the fourth panel serves no support whatsoever to the impact of the comic. Its pretty... but useless.

    Something like this might work better:

    Drawing a big nasty bugg in the final panel with a chef hat and/or waiter's notepad would have a hell of a lot more impact.

    As far as the art in the rest of your comics on your blog... you seem to have gotten a lot better very quickly. So theres no real point in trying to critique your old work as you've already done a surprising amount to progress past them already.

    *I suppose 'background' would be better since its all crops of that final panel :)

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  • lostone2099lostone2099 Registered User
    edited June 2009
    Thanks for the advice. I'm afraid that I suffer from the hubris of the artist in that I place unimportant background further in priority than actual impact! :D
    As to the first comments, I'm going back and reshaping all the copyrighted characters sooner than later. My writer and I didn't realize until a few comics had gone by what the danger of that was. The fonts will be going then too! And I think you're right, colored balloons suck.

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