[SLOT IN!] Megaman Starforce 3! Where my battle chips at!?

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Megaman Starforce
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Megaman Starforce 2
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Megaman Starforce 3
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What is Starforce?

Megaman Starforce is the latest franchise in the Megaman universe. It's basically a sequel to the Megaman Battle Network series, but it takes place 200 years from that. Instead of PET's or battle chips comes Hunter modules and cards to preform moves.

So how does it play?

I like to call these types of games an action/strategy game. Since there is a maximum of how many cards you can put into play when in a battle, it does require the user to think about which cards is necessary to win a fight. As well as move your person from panel to panel to avoid enemy attacks. You can even do a super version of cards by connecting three versions of the same card to unleash a cool uber attack.

Alright, so these games repeat themselves one after the other? Why by the same game again?
Well, I can't say if the first two games had different mechanics, since I haven't played them yet. But this third game has a new mechanic in the game called Noise Change. During the gameplay Megaman (Or whoever the new kid is called) will be able to change his appearance and effect how he plays. There are literally over 200 combinations of how Megaman will look like. I for one will be very excited for this new game play.

Ok, you may have sold me on Noise Change, but what good is a game that you can't play On-Line?
OH HO! That is where you are wrong. Due to the wonderful geniuses that is Nintendo, we are able to connect to each other with the Starforce games via the internets. So as long as you have WiFi, and a Starforce game, LET ME ADD YOU! Who knows, you could meet someone to have a nice battle with, or trade some cards that could be troublesome.

I forgot about this one interesting topic. Apparently, you can make a band with friends you share friend codes with via the internets and they make your megaman stronger in game! Im pretty sure the maximum band you can get is 6. So try not to fight over whos friend is better. :(

Story--Thanks Wikipedia!
The game is played like its predecessors, starring Geo Stelar whom players guides through a fictional world. He is able to fuse with the AM-ian Omega-Xis and transform into the EM Wave Being known as Mega Man, able to traverse both the real and radio worlds to battle viruses and other enemies. Along the way, players will play in an episodic manner exploring, collecting items, and defeating enemies to progress the story. In the game, Omega-Xis plays a major role in which he can slash the battle fields and delete enemies by using Wave Command cards.

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    I still need to finish Star Force 2. Random encounter rates are bothersomely high, however.

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