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[One Piece] 550+ chapters, 0 regrets

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DISCLAMER: This is a two-part OP! If you'd like to find out how to start reading/watching the series, please skip to Jragghen's post below.

The Official Penny Arcade One Piece thread


What is One Piece?

One Piece is a story about The Great Age of Piracy, an age set off by Gold Roger, who was renouned as the King of the Pirates. In a single campaign he was the only man alive able to conquer the Grand Line, and had every worldy possession a man of the sea could want; wealth, fame, power, respect. On the day of his execution, people from all over the world came to witness, many of them asking where he stored his entire fortune, a legendary treasure said to be of unimaginable value. Roger replied:

"My treasure? Why, it's right where I left it. It's yours if you can find it. But you'll have to search the whole world! I left everything in One Piece."

With his final words, Roger set off the Great Age of Piracy, where thousands of pirates traverse across the Grand Line in search of that legendary treasure.

Sounds good, but what is it about?

The story takes place twenty two years after the death of Gold Roger, and follows a pirate by the name of Monkey D. Luffy, a seventeen-year-old who wants to become the next sucessor to the title Pirate King. As such, Luffy will be needing a ship and a crew, so he begins scouting around the area looking for worthy crewmates.
A rather important fact about Luffy is that he’s eaten one of the Devil Fruits, and as a result has become a Rubber man.

The fuck is a Devil Fruit?

Glad you asked!

Devil Fruits are strange, one-of-a-kind fruits that populate the Grand Line. They’re pretty hard to come by, but if a person eats one they’ll gain superhuman abilities, like the ability to manipulate fire, change into animals or obtain and stretch a rubber body. Each Devil Fruit has their own uses, as well as they’re being one of each type of fruit, but the price of consuming one is rather hefty; once you eat a fruit you become like a hammer in the water, and you’ll be unable to swim for the remainder of your life. Given that most of the One Piece world is covered in Sea, that’s a pretty big kryptonite.

Animal changing? Stretching rubberman? How do these relate to each other?

Let me break this down for you.
There are three categories of Devil Fruits in the world: Paramecia, Zoan and Logia

Paramecia are by far the strangest of the three, as they bestow unusual and interesting abilities to the user. For example, the main character Luffy has eaten the Gomu (rubber) fruit, and as so has become a rubberman. Everything from his skin to his bones to his organs are made of the stuff, so he’s able to stretch and snap his arms and legs back for massive recoil damage to his opponent. Another example would be Buggy the Pirate, a man who consumed the Bara Bara no Mi. This Devil Fruit allows him to separate his body parts and control them independent of each other, as well as make Buggy immune to slashing, cutting and cleaving; any such attack just separates him into his component parts.

Zoan fruit users have the ability to change from man to beast, or a hybrid man/beast combo. It’s been established that this type of Devil fruit is the best for hand-to-hand combat, as the added physical strength, stamina and heightened senses contribute greatly to one’s reflexes. Certain forms also come with the benefits that the creature posesses, such as flight or super speed. In all honesty this fruit at first seemed like the short end of the stick of the trio, but in later story arcs it’s been proven to be a force to be reckoned with if used properly.

Logia fruit users are, hands down, the powerhouses of the One Piece world. They’re also the rarest of the three, and for good reason; with these fruits, the user may actually become a natural element, as well as generate and manipulate it. They are neither completely human nor element in their default state. Logia users can turn completely into their element if they want to, and as a result become intangible to most, if not all attacks. Granted, some Logia users have their abilities honed better than others, but overall every one of them is capable of wide-scale destruction. It’s also worth noting that these fruits cover things, like smoke and sand, so it’s not just limited to basic elements.

That sounds pretty crazy. But what about the rest of the crew? How does Luffy recruit his men?

Say hello to the crew:


The crew of Luffy’s pirate gang is like pieces to a bigger puzzle, in which every person is vital to success. At first Luffy embarks on his journey alone, but he soon realizes that unless he has a first mate, navigator, cook and a ship he won’t be going anywhere. This is where the crew steps in! I’ll be doing this in order of their appearance, so skip ahead if you don’t want to be spoiled. Also, these summaries are going to be pretty rocky at first, but I’ll be fleshing them out as the days go by:


Monkey D. Luffy (Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates)


Bounty: 300,000,000 Beli



The man, the myth, the legend, Luffy is the seventeen year old you always wished you could have been.

First thing you’re going notice about Luffy right off the bat is that he’s not like your typical cookie-cutter weeaboo hero. He’s carefree, adventerous, bold, daring and has primely christined balls of steel. He’s also a complete dumbass when it comes to things, and usually sticks with instinct rather than knowledge or common sense. He’s the Captain, he doesn’t need that shit. He’s got a crew to do it for him, all he has to do is pick the destination and defend what is his.


It’s been working pretty well so far.

On a side note, Luffy's iconic straw hat was actually given to him by the pirate Red Hair Shanks during his childhood:


It's irreplacable to Luffy, and you're digging your own grave if you harm it.

Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu fruit, and has become a rubberman. If Mr. Fantastic was actually interesting, you’d be a step in the right direction regarding Luffy. His entire body is now composed of the substance, and yes, every part of him can stretch (it’s been tested. Don’t ask).

Now while this normally may seem like a rather boring power, Luffy has showcased how insanely useful it can be. His rubber physique has made him bulletproof, as he simply bounces back the shots. Physical attacks such as punches and bludgeoning weapons are lessened or outright brushed off completely, as well as being immune to lightning. However, weapons such as swords, spears and knives are an obvious weakness, so anything that can cut Luffy dishes out the pain to our favorite straw hat. Luffy’s abilities are more akin to a rubber band, meaning he’s got to slingshot his appendages to get that devastating snap back effect.

Luffy has demonstrated other uses for his abilities (warning: plot spoilers)…



This guy is hilarious, mainly because of his off the wall reactions and delayed observations of the world around him


He is also very easily entertained


One last thing you should know about Luffy.

If you ever see this face:


and make him take off this hat:


You are fucked


Roronoa Zoro (The First Mate/muscle):


Bounty: 120,000,000 Belli


Smug, serious and determined to be the best, Zoro is a motherfucking beast of a man. Zoro’s goal is simply the top, to be the greatest [strike]Saiyan[/strike] swordsman that ever was, with no help from a Devil Fruit. That’s right folks, this guy’s strength is home grown through blood, sweat and MANLY TEARS.


This guy is a goddamn monster; the type of man who'd introduce you to the business end of his shoe if you just looked at him funny. Easily among the strongest in the crew, Zoro can hold his own with the best of ‘em, and has already racked up an armada-sized body count with his deadly skills with the blade. He also has a full torso scar that he picked up from his fight with Juracule "Hawk-Eyes" Mihawk, current member of the Shichibukai and the greatest swordsman in the world.

“But Godfather" you may be asking yourself, "a swordsman with no devil fruit abilities is boring! I will not subscribe to your newsletter!

Well today’s your lucky day, because with this special offer, your copy of Zoro comes with ambidextrous features!


BUT WAIT! Call now and we’ll throw in a third sword for the hell of it!


That’s right bitches, this guy wields three swords at once, with his self-taught Santōryū (three sword style) technique.

Zoro is a master at one, two and three sword style, but he’s most adept fighting with all three. Gotta protect the trademark and all. He can even use sword techniques without a sword. Watching it in action is a special kind of ridiculous, one that can’t be put into mortal words. All you need to know is that the sight of it heals the lame, makes the blind see and could probably cure cancer.

Alas, such perfection has its weaknesses, and Zoro is no exception.

For one, this guy is terrible with directions. Just godawful:

He is sometimes prone to using serious methods for solving simple problems. Examples are, but not limited to: Shedding a pair of handcuffs by suggesting to cut off a hand instead of picking the lock. Attempting to sever off his own damn feet in order to free himself from some wax in place of just melting it off with some fire. Zoro does not think these things through at times, and it’s hilarious to observe.

Zoro can also be arrogant at times, but looks cool in front of the kiddies

Zoro fights with the crew all the time, but the one who he spars with the most (both physically and verbally) is Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hats. He particularly enjoys making fun of Sanji any opportunity that rises up:


On the whole though, Zoro is a serious man who holds many of his values to the way of the Bushido.

But sometimes he doesn't take things seriously enough


One more thing

If you ever see Zoro put on his trademark bandanna



Nami (The [strike]bitch[/strike] Navigator):


Bounty: 16,000,000 Beli



Greedy, manipulative and somewhat devilish, Nami is certainly one to stand out.

Since she was the first female crew member, a lot of focus has been put on making her the staple babe of One Piece world, much like Chun Li in Street Fighter. While there are other women in the Grand Line who surpass her in looks, the fact that she was the first means she paved the way for the other super babe line-up.

I’m not one to get into it, but to make a long story short Nami’s proportions went from this:


To something more along the lines of this:


It doesn’t seem as obvious as it is in the television show, but I blame the more blatant shit mainly on Japan being, well, Japan, and not the creator himself, even though his women tend to be rather shapely as the series progresses.

Nami also has a pinwheel/tangerine tattoo on her arm, a visual tribute to her mother and her famous tangerine groves:


Nami is the crew’s highly skilled navigator, as well as an excellent cartographer.


She’s capable of formulating advanced equations in mere minutes to predict a precise course of action, and her innate ability to sense changes in the weather is like a sixth sense. It's a feat that has saved the crew from complete annihilation many times over while traversing the Grand Line.


The simple fact is that without her the crew would be proper fucked, so you could argue a case that her role is the most important in the ship.

Personality-wise, Nami can be extremely bossy, greedy and kind of a bitch. She also tends to order the crew around a lot, whether it's to steer the ship or to chew someone's ass out on their own stupidity. Part of this is attributed to how she was raised, but the main attribute to it is the mindfuck experience she had to endure through her years growing up. She is quick to force the crew into any challenge that involves money, and shamelessly uses the others to do her dirty work or get out of a tight squeeze. This changes later as the series progresses, but in the beginning it was always flight over fight.

She’s also extremely violent at times:

But that doesn't mean that she won't throw the crew a bone once in a blue moon:


Nami also loves money.

A lot.


It’s like Scrooge McDuck, only instead of a cranky goose we get a wench with some rude titties, just the way God intended.

It is absolutely diabolical at how good she is at stealing treasure, although given that she had ten years of experience and stole over 100 million Beli prior to joining the crew, anything less would be a slap in the face to her pickpocketing skills. She’s usually the one keeping charge of the crew’s finances, and is rather stingy to part with the cash. She is loyal to her money, but no matter how much she tries to deny it, her friends come before finances. You just have to dig deep in that cold, withered husk she calls a heart to find it.

However, she’ll happily lend the crew some dough, assuming that they’ll pay her exorbitant interest fees.

Just make damn sure you pay it back, else you deal with the raging demon


You could try and fight it


But it's not going to end well


Usopp (The Sniper):


Bounty: 30,000,000 Beli


With a stern resolve to become a brave man of the sea, the great Captain Usopp will stop at nothing to face all challenges head on!


In reality, Usopp is at most times an easily frightened, anxious, insecure and compulsive liar. He’ll spin tales about his batallion of 80 million men, or the time he fought a colossal goldfish at the South Pole when he was five, or how his disease of specific circumstance will kick in at just the right moment, but it’s all a ruse.

Most people see through his wafer-thin stories, save for this idiot:


Usopp place in the series is sort of up in the air at the beginning; while not particularly great at anything, he makes up for this by being a renaissance man of sorts. He’s a skilled artist, responsible for the Straw Hats’ Jolly Roger, among many other works of art


He’s a fucking wizard at inventing, with a ready supply of crazy gadgets stored in his bag, and is responsible for making Nami’s Clima-Tact. He’s also an amateur repairman and carpenter, but this is mainly because the rest of the male crew end up hospitalizing something when they pick up a hammer.

It’s only when he gets behind the ship’s cannons or his own weapon of choice, the slingshot, that Usopp really excels.

And that’s where Usopp's talent truly shines; his sniping abilities.

The man has a God-given talent with long-range weapons, although for some reason or another he sticks with using a slingshot over a pistol. With his inventor tweaking and tinkering, he’s able to create special bullets with crazy effects, ranging from explosions to hot sauce pellets to fake-blood ketchup stars for those possum situations. He’s also known for incorporating his trademark lies to use in battles, although sometimes it affects both sides of the fence:


Further on in the series, Usopp gets a hold of Dials, curious shell devices with a number of purposes, one of which allows him to absorb impacts from weapons and fire them right back at the opposition. Unfortunately for him, it'll usually dislocate his shoulder, so it’s incredibly painful for him to use, which brings me to my next point.

Usopp is different from the other crew members. He doesn’t posess monster strength like Luffy, Zoro or the rest of the male line-up, although he is able to tank unreal amounts of damage, and has phenomenal speed when it comes to running away. Where as Nami adopts the fight-or-flight principle out of survival instinct, Usopp's cowardice is the result of his fear and insecurity, especially when faced with uncertainty. This especially becomes apparent much farther down the line, where he questions his place in the crew, stating that he’s more of a liability than an asset.

Usopp is supposed to resemble the everyday man in the One Piece world, and how he copes with his surroundings. If it weren’t for his outlandish expressions and off-the-wall reactions to situations, you could say that he was the most relate-able of the cast.

However, that’s not good enough for most people, and apparently Usopp felt the same way. To counter this, Usopp calls upon the brave warrior of the sea, straight from the Island of Snipers, the mighty power of The King of Snipers,



100 shots! 100 hits! That is the essence of all that is the mighty Sogeking!

Born on the Island of Snipers, able to hit a mouse’s eye from a mile away, able to lock on to your heart strings, Sogeking is everything a superhero should be!

In case you haven’t realized it, Sogeking is actually Usopp wearing a fabulous red cape and pseudo-Mardi Gras mask. It’s so painfully obvious that his friends and allies don’t have the heart to tell him, as nobody would fall for such a stunt.

Except for these two:


Sogeking represents the brave warrior of the sea that Usopp wants to become, and everything about this character oozes confidence. For Christ sake, he even comes with his own theme song!

It’s been posted in the OP already, but I’m going to post it again because it is mandatory viewing.

Of course, for every brave warrior of the Sea, a noble vessel of justice! For a man of Sogeking’s caliber, only one weapon will do…


The mighty and powerful Kabuto, a weapon so juiced up and accurate it can easily out-shoot any weapon! Not only is this baby equipped with long-distance accuracy, but also is enhanced with Dial technology, adding various effects and spins to the already destructive ammunition, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Since the great Sogeking is the mightiest warrior of the sea, nothing can stand in the way of helping his comrades in any fashion necessary!


That doesn’t mean Usopp is willing to cooperate all the time though


Which brings me to my next case.

Usopp seems to show signs of a split personality, and even went so far as to argue inside his head with his alter ego. Although technically the same person, Sogeking in comparison to Usopp is much more confident and took over once Usopp adorns the mask, only slipping back into Usopp once the mask came off. Whether or not Usopp is developing Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Oda just likes fucking with us, the situation is out of our grasp at the moment.

Regardless, Sogeking is the best thing that's happened to the character, and as a result we can always visit the Island of Snipers...

:whistle:In our hearts...:whistle:


Sanji (The Cook):


Bounty: 77,000,000 Beli

“God makes the food, devil brings the flavor”


With a slick wardrobe and swave debonair, Sanji is a man of many tastes.

Sanji is the crew’s cook, and as such is a master of various cuisines, delicacies and other culinary delights.




Emeril’s got nothing on this shit.

Part of Sanji’s obsession with food sprouts from his starvation experience as a kid, where he was stranded on a lifeless rock outcropping high above the sea for many weeks. After that hellish torture, Sanji became a cook, who now prepares every one of his entrees as if it was the crew’s last meal, and will never turn anyone away from a meal, whether they’re an enemy or ally.

Sea kings can proceed to fuck themselves though:


Just for the record, Sanji possesses colossal leg strength.


Getting struck by one of these kicks is like getting hit by a Mac truck at best, and a freight train at worst. You can blame it on the fact that he’s a practitioner of the Red Leg, a fighting style that focuses exclusively on lower body strength.


Sanji believes that a cook should never damage his hands in battle, as his hands are the heart and soul of his food creation.

It’s actually pretty brutal to watch at times


Sanji also comes up with a rather devastating attack upgrade of sorts during a certain arc, one that has shown to completely steamroll opponents along the way.

However, on special occasions Sanji has shown tremendous skill when it comes to utilizing knives in battle:


Sanji has also proven to be a rather brilliant tactician, saving the entire crew many times from the hands of both marines and other pirates. Perhaps his crowning moment of glory can be summed up in two words:

Mr. Prince


Mr. Prince has quite the fan club


Personality-wise, Sanji is quite the gentleman. He’s a suave, charismatic character who only holds women above his love of food, even though his romantic efforts largely go ignored despite his efforts. Even so, that’s never stopped the man from protecting (and graveling at the feet of) the female cast of the Straw Hat crew.



Of course, Nami is not one to shy away from his slavish actions, and will generally exploit Sanji whenever she gets the chance.

Sanji have zero problems with this, as he puts Nami on this unearthly pedestal of perfection, high above the rest of the male crew:


Like Zoro, Sanji is more perceptive than he seems, and will generally tell people what they need to hear rather than what they want. As a result he is one of the more hardened crew members on the ship, and quite often can seem as fierce and scary as Zoro.

However, Sanji will usually showcase his emotions more freely than Zoro, entirely capable of losing his cool at his friends/enemies or shedding tears if one of the Straw Hat ladies is in critical condition.


Because of his near-death experience with starvation, Sanji believes that a chef’s work must be treated as though it were sacred, and has a strong tendency to become hostile towards those who waste food, or regard it in any way that is less than the way he does. This is a strong explanation as to why he’ll usually hammer Luffy for pulling stupid shit like stealing from the fridge between meals:






That is to say that others won’t pull the same crap as well:




An interesting thing to note about Sanji is his relationship with Zoro. Despite being on a similar plane as the swordsman, Zoro will usually start shit with Sanji for no good reason other than to irritate him, even going so far as to calling him “the Prince of Retardia” on one occasion


Getting them to cooperate takes nothing short of a dozen virgin sacrifices to one of the Elder Gods before they even consider such a feat.

However, when they do decide to act as a team, the combined results can raise Hell itself:


Some time about three quarters through the story, Sanji’s name has been associated with mud, in the sense that he can’t seem to catch a break to save his life. In case you haven’t noticed, Sanji’s wanted poster doesn’t exactly look like the man, all because the cameraman forgot to take the lens cap off.

However, whether it looks like Sanji or not is up to open interpretation:


It's started to become a bit of a running joke that he gets the short end of the stick, but nonetheless he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Just make sure not to mess with any of his women, else you end up like these guys:


The rest of the crew and their profiles are in Jragghen's post below.

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    Chopper (The Doctor):


    Bounty: 50.........Beli



    With the body of a reindeer and the soul of a man, Chopper is one of the stranger members of the crew.


    Explaining the character of Chopper is………..interesting, to say the least. You see, Chopper here was originally a blue-nosed reindeer who ate the Hito Hito no mi; that is to say, he’s a reindeer that has become a human.


    Apparently in the world of One Piece even humans are not outside the animal kingdom, as this fruit is part of the Zoan class Devil Fruits.

    Explaining Chopper to any public official would normally land you in the clink for a good twenty years, if not an extended sentence in an asylum for some nice, relaxing leisure time, tucked away in a locked padded room. However, this is Oda we’re talking about, and in case you haven’t noticed the man is third-degree crazy over here. But whatever, he’s cute!

    Wook at dat face!


    Now I know what you’re thinking:

    “Why the hell should I care about a goddamn reindeer? It’s just a stupid marketing ploy by Oda to sell some plush-toys and cheap merchandise! I will no longer take part in Oda’s money gambit ways!”





    Chopper is a crew member who deserves every ounce of respect as the others, if not more so on certain levels. This guy has what is arguably the most crushing back story the series has ever seen. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything for those newcomers, but it’s enough to tear even the biggest, saltiest sea-dogs to ribbons.


    Oh God…


    Chopper’s role on the ship is the doctor, and as such he is responsible for the entire well-being of the crew. Chopper was fortunate to study in the great medical country of Drum, and has a rather extensive backlog of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge. This comes in handy both on and off the ship; where he has used this information to help win battles for the crew, point out many vital weaknesses in team skirmishes, and even performed emergency medical autopsies on the fly!







    Well at least he’s hopeful.

    Personality-wise, Chopper comes with a very naive and timid mind set, mainly because he simply doesn’t know any better. This is probably attributed to his extremely sheltered childhood, and it’s because of this that he wasn’t as trusting to other humans at first. I mean, just look at how he reacts to compliments:


    In the beginning, any time he would encounter a human he would try to hide and spy on them, via peeking-over the corner.

    Chopper hasn’t quite grasped the concept of this method yet.


    Chopper also has a habit of panicking whenever one of the crew is hurt, and will run around screaming for a doctor, until someone points out that he is one



    Like other Zoan fruit users, Chopper can shape shift from man to reindeer on the fly. This gives him three forms to tinker with:

    Walk Point, his standard reindeer form, is mainly used for travel purposes


    Besides hoofing it on foot, it also doubles as his best disguise, as he generally looks like an average reindeer. Of course, his agility and movement is the best out of the three forms, so it’s usually his go-to form when evading enemy attacks.

    Brain point is the form we’re most accustomed to seeing him in, and is his hybrid form


    In this form, Chopper’s brain takes center stage, as it offers the most advantages to the critter in normal, day-to-day activities. He is able to focus on his medical procedures in this body without his larger, human body getting in the way, and under special circumstances can scope out an enemy’s weak point.

    Heavy point is Chopper’s human form


    Ironically, heavy point doesn’t make him completely human, but rather a tall, muscular reindeer-ape man of sorts. This form has actually given him serious problems in the past, albeit those of superficial nature. When Chopper is in this form he is endowed with superhuman strength, and he was able to bring down two Straw Hats in one motion upon first meeting.


    However, thanks to Chopper’s brilliant medical experimentation and dickery, Chopper has been able to bypass the boundaries of a normal Zoan type.

    It’s all because of this little invention, aptly called “The Rumble Ball”


    This baby allows Chopper to distort the transformation wavelengths of his Devil Fruit, allowing access to four extra forms. Four!

    Let’s take a look at Jumping point:


    In this slim form, Chopper is able to keep his reindeer legs, allowing him to skyrocket great distances. Even Sanji, who focuses entirely on Red Leg techniques, was blown away by how far and high Chopper could catapult himself in that body. This form has mainly been used for evasive purposes only, as the reduced upper body muscle mass isn’t ideal for fighting. Regardless, he can use this to set up some devastating aerial attacks, so it does have it’s uses.

    Guard point is certainly the kookiest one of the bunch


    He’s basically a goddamn Chia pet.

    It looks completely ridiculous, but the fur acts as sort of a damage sponge, absorbing a good chunk of attacks. Granted, it won’t stop them all, but it’s a great last-minute resort when taking a beating is unavoidable. Apparently Chopper can attack in this form, but it’s better for him to shift to another form, which is where the next one comes in to play

    Arm point


    With this form, Chopper gains insane upper body strength, and his arms are the stuff of a bodybuilder’s wet dream. This form has one use only; to lay the Pimp hand strong


    You can’t argue with those results.

    Horn point is something you don’t mess around with as well:


    This form is similar to Jumping point, except with big-ass antlers and large forearms to counterbalance the weight. You could probably seat five on those things, and by “seat” I mean impale, and by “things” I mean those horrible spoke torrents of death.

    Christ, look at those motherfuckers! That’s like twice the size of me, and it comes in a pair! Fuck!

    However, the Rumble Ball only lasts three minutes, so he has to try and clean house by then, as he can’t use another one for six hours. A second one will allow him access to his extra forms, but no control over which form comes out.

    Try and use three, and



    It's staring into your soul

    It doesn’t matter how much you hurt it or how far away you run


    It's going to find you


    And it’s not going to stop until you are dead


    There is currently no way of stopping this thing. May God have mercy on your souls.

    The next couple crew are kinda spoilers, so they'll be kept inside of tags

    Nico Robin (Archeologist):


    Bounty: 80,000,000 Beli



    With that striking beauty and mysterious charm, Nico Robin is the super-babe of the Straw Hat crew


    To get things started, Robin is the crew member that came straight out of the blue. We never saw it coming.


    She started out with a bounty of seventy nine million Beli at the age of eight, well over twice the bounty of Monkey D. Luffy’s at the time of her introduction. She’s a criminal!


    Criminals are hot!

    Robin is the classier alternative to Nami.


    She’s elegant, reserved, more mature and a stone-cold knockout in looks.


    She has the build of a super-high-class hooker, the kind you can’t even look at without dropping a seven-figure income on a weekly basis. Even then she’d probably rob you blind without even so much as a kiss on the cheek, and we’d be perfectly content regardless.

    In terms of personality, Robin is the only crew member who is actually normal, never showcasing exaggerated outbursts of emotion or various Oda-staple face-faults.


    While this originally comes across as Robin being inexpressive, it’s actually more along the lines of her being realistic; her calm, emotionless reactions tend to fall in stark contrast to the expressions the rest of the crew can dish up.

    She also tends to points out facts on the gross/morbid side of things.

    This macabre side of her usually leads to hilarious comedy exchanges.



    For a while Robin would call the crew by their profession instead of their names; Luffy would be called “Captain”, Zoro was “Swordsman”, Nami “Navigator” and so forth. It wasn’t until recently did she actually start addressing the Straw Hats by name.

    Robin has also eaten a rather interesting Devil Fruit, the Hana Hana no Mi:


    The fruit's major strength, as demonstrated by Nico Robin, is the ability to sprout multiple body parts on any surface including the user's own body.

    If she can see you, give up. Just do it.

    Doesn't sound so deadly right? I mean, get her cornered and she's pretty much done:


    But you're wrong. Oh so wrong.


    Next thing you know, you’re wallowing on the ground with a broken spine trying to figure out just what the fuck happened to you. She's pretty unmerciful in combat to say the least, and makes this ability one of the deadliest in the Paramecia category. It’s shit like this that makes Robin a real powerhouse of a fighter.

    Who needs brute strength when you can paralyze multiple opponents without so much as raising a finger?


    With clever manipulation, this ability has other uses as well.

    Arm shield!


    Human transportation!


    Angel wings!


    Shenanigans and raffscallionry!


    And then there's this:

    What the fuck

    Robin's role on the ship is an odd one; she is the ship's Archeologist. Not a profession that's exactly in high demand for a pirate ship.



    Because of her extensive knowledge of history and the world around her, she is easily the smartest crew member on the vessel. This alone makes Robin the go-to person for back history on major events and figures of the world. She is also the only person in the world who is able to read Poneglyphs; stone tablets that shed light on the blank era of history.

    During her two years spent in Baroque Works, Crocodile stated that she was an extremely handy woman to keep around, as she was able to multitask not only Crocodile's orders, but an entire organization as well.

    Plus she makes good arm candy for Sand Croc's pimp coat:


    God, I cannot get enough of that Cowboy outfit

    Overall she's pretty tolerant to the crew's wacky antics, and will usually just shrug it off.

    Just don't push her too much:


    Franky (The Shipwright):


    Bounty: 44,000,000 Beli


    With the pride of a man and the body of steel, Franky is all the embodiment of what makes One Piece, One Piece.



    Franky is, without question, the manliest fucking character that has ever graced the Straw Hat crew, and my personal favorite of the bunch.


    Look at this shit:


    It’s like Popeye, the Fonz and Elvis Presley combined together to create this magnificent specimen of a man. Franky is like the big, awesome guy at work who’s always the life of the party. Not the fat fuck who annoys everyone with his constant physical humor, the big guy who everyone’s drawn to because he’s that interesting.

    He’s generous




    Too cool for school


    He’s a goddamn Superman, with the most style this side of the Grand Line


    Women want to know him, men want to copy his drink.

    Franky does all this and more; not only because he enjoys it, but because he can.

    That isn’t to say that he won’t speak up when his pals are cramping his style


    Some of your newcomers out there might not be sold.

    Some of you heathens may think that Franky is too goofy looking, that his fashion sense is severely lacking in every department, and that he looks flat-out stupid.


    What’s that? I can’t hear your senseless bitching over FRANKY PUNCHING THIS GODDAMN ELEPHANT

    For all those blasphemers who refuse to believe in the cult of Franky, allow me to smack some sense into your undeveloped frontal lobes, starting with his appearance.

    To start things off, Franky got hit by a train. Rather, he tried stopping a train with his bare hands.

    And succeeded


    for five seconds


    Completely eradicated from the base up, Franky was pretty much left for dead. Any other man would have abandoned his life from that point on, but this is Franky we’re talking about, and Franky takes shit from nobody


    So this lumberjack of a man built himself a new body out of some scrap he found in a train yard.

    That’s right. Just up and builds himself a new body. It’s like that scene in Iron Man, only instead of a wimpy heart condition we get a man with a broken everything, so it’s about ten times manlier.

    He's become faster, stronger, more powerful than ever before....

    In short, he has become…


    Oh yes indeed, our man Franky transformed himself into a Cyborg!


    Franky has thought of everything when it comes to weaponry.



    How ‘bout a little fire scarecrow?


    The variant of this uses nails instead of fire. Nails.

    He’s got a hell of a left arm


    with some explosive firepower


    And multiple transformation forms!



    And he can hit






    This is usually preceded with some cool one-liners about how fucked said person is


    Followed by the most horrifying, “I’m-gonna-beat-seven-shades-of-shit-outta-you” rape face you’ll ever see in your life


    Once he’s set you as his target, there isn’t a force on this earthly plain that’s going to stop him from dragging you to Hell


    Franky's only weakpoint is his backside. He couldn't reach it during his self-procedure, so it's still flesh-and-bone. Nonetheless, Franky has developed ingenious countermeasures to combat this



    However, it all pales in comparison to this beast of a weapon, the Coup de Vent


    When you see these arms, it’s time to get the fuck outta Dodge




    This attack will usually leave Franky drained though


    Which brings me to my next subject:

    Franky is a cyborg powered by Cola, which he keeps stored in his friggin' torso


    He a man who ONLY takes cola, meaning nothing else will suffice. Why, just throw in some green tea and


    These drinks also affect his personality


    Give him vegetable juice, and



    Franky's not a fan of that last one


    However, give him the RIGHT drink, and




    Franky’s role on the ship is the Shipwright, a.k.a. the guy who takes care of the ship, making sure it doesn’t fall into pieces. He is a master craftsman, and (Major spoilers!)
    is responsible for the design and construction of their new ship, the Thousand Sunny!


    This thing is easily double the size of the Going Merry, and has literally everything and the kitchen sink crammed inside the design.

    No, seriously, take a look at some of these blueprints.







    There are eighteen pages in total. Eighteen pages!

    And it comes with date-rape fiyapower!
    God bless you Franky!

    You can find the rest of the blueprints right here!

    Franky can make just about anything on the fly:


    Face it. Franky is the kind of guy you clamored to be so very badly in life. Everytime this guy walks into a room, people take notice. They don’t ask questions, they just shut up and pay attention, and people will do whatever a man like this tells them to do.


    Part of what sells this guy is the voice actor. Kazuki Yao practically beats you down and forces you to love Oda's creation. It’s pretty much flawless casting on Oda’s part, as he built the entire character around Yao's voice talents. Even though Franky doesn’t show up till much later down the line, you can still hear his manly voice being used for Jango and Mr. 2 Bon Clay.

    Franky also has the honor of carrying the best damn theme song in the entire series:

    Once this starts playing, you’ll know why Franky is the manliest crew member ever.

    Oda wanted Franky to represent the Father of the Straw Hat crew, much like how Robin represents the Mother of the group. As a result these two get along very well together, and have been paired up many a time during group excursions


    If this isn't proof of Franky's leadership abilities, I don't know what is. Do you know why Franky gets to partner up with a babe like Robin?

    Because he's fucking Franky

    Franky; the man who knows no limitations when it comes to kicking ass


    Franky; the man who stands tall in the face of certain death



    Franky; the trigger-happy bomb that can go off without warning


    Men everywhere salute you Franky, and if they don't, it's required by law to surrender the rights to your manhood prior to exiting. Just leave your penis on the counter before you check out the door.

    It's a rule the men came up with. You know, the guys. It's really out of my hands at this point.

    Make sure to uphold it, else you risk agitating the Great Franky


    Sounds good. But what’s so great about this series? What’s the selling point?

    The Grand Line

    This place is a goddamn circus. Everything from the weather to the islands to the people are something out of a fever dream. There are so many mysteries, theories and history about this place that it’s almost too much upon first glance. Fortunately the “law of the land” is gradually introduced throughout the five hundred plus chapters.

    Five Hundred chapters?! Fuck this noise!

    Easy there stranger. It may be a long series, but it’s worth the journey, trust me.

    The series starts out in East Blue, outside the Grand Line. Here the story arcs move by pretty quickly as Luffy gathers his crew. The East Blue saga is going to be classic shounen, but it’s done very well, so nothing to worry about. The best way to find out if this series is for you is to stick it out till at least the Arlong Arc. If you’re not impressed by that, then keep walking.

    I will say that once you cross the Grand Line, the real journey begins.

    So what else is so great about this series?

    The humor! In case you haven't heard, this series is a riot to watch. It's got everything you could ever ask for.

    Physical violence!

    Characters that make up their own damn theme songs!

    Sight gags!


    What the fuck

    Also, here are the only two AMV's you will ever need to see. EVER.

    And Just because I managed to get first reply and because Godfather originally refused to do so, I present to you the Pirate Rap :P

    Jragghen on
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    SchideSchide Yeoh! Registered User regular
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    Hmm. I like One Piece. I don't know what I'd ever actually want to discuss about it though, nor do I really ever come into D&D all that much...

    Well, I'll have to see what happens. This at least reminds me that I should probably catch back up on the manga though.

    Schide on
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    CoolTrainerCoolTrainer Registered User regular
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    Just posting to say that I am very grateful for this thread. No longer do I have to sift through the mega thread for my One Piece fix.


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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
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    I think this is the final version, though I wonder if they ever did one with Robin in it...

    Xenogears of Bore on
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    JragghenJragghen Registered User regular
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    Nah. 4kids dropped the show before she joined.

    We might as well wash those things clean with the English versions of the original OPs though (sidenote: I didn't even hear the second one until I found it here). Doesn't look like they've done 5 yet.

    Jragghen on
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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
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    Opening 3 will always be the best one.

    Godfather on
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    PataPata Registered User regular
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    Anime post outside anime thread.

    Banning imminent.

    Pata on
    SRWWSig.pngEpisode 5: Mecha-World, Mecha-nisim, Mecha-beasts
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    SpectreSpectre Registered User regular
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    I totally forgot about Franky's Giant Robot Warrior thing from Thriller Bark. That's hilarious.

    Spectre on
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    JragghenJragghen Registered User regular
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    I'm partial to 6 myself, but 3 is by far the best of the english ones.

    Jragghen on
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    King RiptorKing Riptor Registered User regular
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    Spectre wrote: »
    I totally forgot about Franky's Giant Robot Warrior thing from Thriller Bark. That's hilarious.

    I loved that they all blamed Robin for it not working.

    King Riptor on
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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
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    I'm a pretty big fan of the first two English openings.

    The clip about the giant robot was good, but they should have spliced in the bit with the very obvious real explaination why she wouldn't even try it.

    You just know a real mecha is going to show up if (more like when) they find Dr. Vegapunk. The references to giant robot shows are starting to become more frequent.

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    CamuiCamui Sogekidan Registered User regular
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    Could I use this thread to post op wallpapers?

    Camui on
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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
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    Thread needs the wanted posters, as those are so bad ass.

    Xenogears of Bore on
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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
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    Find me some good scans of the wanted posters and i'll put it in tomorrow.

    Godfather on
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    CamuiCamui Sogekidan Registered User regular
    edited July 2009

    smaller and in english...
    is all you mostly need.

    Camui on
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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
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    I like how Usopp is in three of those posters.

    Godfather on
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    BehemothBehemoth Compulsive Seashell Collector Registered User regular
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    The "running gag" video is even more awesome now that we know that
    Crocus was on Gold Roger's crew.

    Behemoth on
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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
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    I'd like to do a more detailed explanation of devil fruits, but only because I want to showcase the raw power of Enel through the magic of screencaps.

    Also this thread had me laughing pretty hard:

    Godfather on
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    BehemothBehemoth Compulsive Seashell Collector Registered User regular
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    Godfather wrote: »
    I'd like to do a more detailed explanation of devil fruits, but only because I want to showcase the raw power of Enel through the magic of screencaps.

    Also this thread had me laughing pretty hard:
    Being lighting that can read minds is pretty hardcore.

    I like the cut of this guy's jib.

    Behemoth on
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    JragghenJragghen Registered User regular
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    I am stupider for having read a single page of that.

    Jragghen on
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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    The whole concept is hysterical.

    It's not an "X series vs. Y series", it's one man verses an entire mythos.

    And he won.

    Godfather on
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    CamuiCamui Sogekidan Registered User regular
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    So... anyone want some wallpapers? Eh? No?

    Camui on
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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    What sizes are they?

    Godfather on
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    CamuiCamui Sogekidan Registered User regular
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    They are all varied. I usually save only quality images, though I been on a 1920x1080 binge since I got my new monitor.

    Camui on
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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
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    I only see Usopp in two of those Wanted posters...


    Xenogears of Bore on
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    CamuiCamui Sogekidan Registered User regular
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    Wallpaper dump. Hope you guys find ones you like.

    Camui on
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    darunia106darunia106 J-bob in games Death MountainRegistered User regular
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    How about some discussion!

    Current manga
    Who here thinks Ace is gonna be executed?

    darunia106 on
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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
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    I just noticed something else about the recent crew additions.

    Not only are they getting older, but they are getting taller.

    Robin is third tallest, Franky is second, and Brook is tallest at over seven feet high!

    Older, taller, their next crew member is going to be a giant!

    Xenogears of Bore on
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    CamuiCamui Sogekidan Registered User regular
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    I need to catch up honestly... I'm at... around episode 400. How far is the series from there?

    Camui on
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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
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    darunia106 wrote: »
    How about some discussion!

    Current manga
    Who here thinks Ace is gonna be executed?
    Considering how often people die in OP, and that Whitebeard, Shanks, The Con Air boat, and who knows who else is going to show up there...

    Camui wrote: »
    I need to catch up honestly... I'm at... around episode 400. How far is the series from there?

    6 episodes and about three hours worth of manga reading.

    You should add a section about Vivi Godfather.

    She would have been an interesting addition to the crew, but I guess Robin is sort of better, not being a Nami palette swap and all.

    Xenogears of Bore on
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    CokebotleCokebotle 穴掘りの 電車内Registered User regular
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    darunia106 wrote: »
    How about some discussion!

    Current manga
    Who here thinks Ace is gonna be executed?

    I'm still catching up but...
    I doubt it.

    However, it could add an interesting edge to Luffy's character, but he's already declared war on the World Government, what else can he really do at this point? But berserk rage Luffy would be a sight to see...

    I'm curious to see if his father finally comes out and does something, and we see a family reunion minus Garp.

    Cokebotle on
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    JragghenJragghen Registered User regular
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    Camui wrote: »
    I need to catch up honestly... I'm at... around episode 400. How far is the series from there?

    Anime is up to 406 or 407 or something like that.

    Manga's well into the 500s.

    Jragghen on
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    JragghenJragghen Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    darunia106 wrote: »
    How about some discussion!

    Current manga
    Who here thinks Ace is gonna be executed?
    Ace isn't.

    Whitebeard's gonna bite it, though

    Jragghen on
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    UrQuanLord88UrQuanLord88 Registered User regular
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    Manga > Anime

    This week's spoilers!
    Franky finds Vegapunk's birthplace, Blackbeard and Shiryuu meet and are undamaged by poison...

    Also, no new chapter next week :(

    UrQuanLord88 on
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    GreeperGreeper Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    I don't know when Fullbody and Django became my favorite characters.

    Oh wait, yes I do.


    Greeper on
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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    The marines consider Buggy the Principal offender.

    Largest Bounty Jump ever? Probably!

    Xenogears of Bore on
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    JragghenJragghen Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    Greeper wrote: »
    I don't know when Fullbody and Django became my favorite characters.

    Oh wait, yes I do.


    We might see 'em again soon. Captain Hina was called back along with Smoker to Mariejois, which is right by Marine HQ, right?

    Jragghen on
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    GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    I like how Smoker is always pictured with two cigars

    He's all "fuck it, I ain't gonna die"

    Like a real man should

    Godfather on
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    Xenogears of BoreXenogears of Bore Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    He's also made of smoke...

    Xenogears of Bore on
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    Fatal3RR0RFatal3RR0R Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    Even though 4kids totally violated one piece I enjoyed the overall premise and want to get back into it.

    Should I go for the manga or the anime?

    Also if you think 4kids intro is bad you should hear the Spanish version.

    Fatal3RR0R on
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