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360 to Computer Connectivity

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So, I used to connect my 360 to my computer and stream all manner of content and life was good. Last night I bought some new guts for my machine from a friend. I switched out the processor, motherboard, video card and RAM. I still have the old hard drives and such, so all the software is the same. I downloaded the drivers that I needed for my new hardware and everything works fine on the computer.

I turned on my 360 and it can't see my computer anymore. It sees my roomies computer fine (as it always has).

I went into WMP to make sure that everything was still kosher, and it is. It sees both my and my roomies xbox, and is allowing sharing. I made sure that his computer could see mine on the network and connect to it, and it can.

I have spent a lot of time on google trying to find an answer, but my problem seems a bit to specific and I can't figure it out.

I implore those more savvy to help me.

New hardware specs (that might matter)

ASUS V-Series Motherboard, for the t940 chipset.

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