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The...plight of the silent vg protagonist

Skull2185Skull2185 Cute'thuluRegistered User regular
edited July 2009 in Games and Technology
I was just thinking about games with Main characters who don't speak, and they seem to get the real shitty end of the deal...ALOT

I mean.. Chrono -ChronoTrigger- :
He friggin dies

Isaac -Dead Space- : "Hey Isaac, you need to go hit this switch thats alllllll the way on the otherside of the Isimura. There's like a million monster guys between here and there but none of us other people with you are going to help..I mean.. I MIGHT unlock a door for you but meh..."

Gordon Freeman -Half Life- : Possibly one of the poorest saps ever... "Hey, lets do some stupid interdimensional experiments." "Oh I know...lets get Gordon to do it" "Who will take this RPG to the roof and take out the gunships? Ah Gordon, I couldn't ask for a better volunteer

whenever I play these games I can't help but tell the supporting characters how much the main must hate them

Do these silent guys ever catch a break?

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