What's a good means of alleviating depression



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    Supposedly Omega-3 fatty acids help with frontal lobe (personality) health. I dunno, that could be bullshit, but fish oil pills or some other souce won't hurt, at the least.

    Get some sun and exercise.

    List out shit you need to do, so that it can't just conveniently slip your mind. Cross shit off when it's done, add new shit as it comes up.

    Cut back on the weed.

    Of course, if you're actually clinically depressed or whatever, this stuff might not actually help. But if you're just in a shitty mental place right now, it probably will!

    Pretty much this. Also, taking a cold shower helps if you don't have the time for exercise (basically, it gets you out of your head).

    A while ago I beat a severe depression on my own (retrospectively diagnosed). So, first of, it is possible. It's hard, it takes forever (compared to prof. help) and I am fairly certain I am just lucky for having the mind that makes this possible.

    I don't know what your age is, but when you are young a lot of things can work themselves out. Sleeping seems to be key in this, think of it as your brain working out the kinks when it is not being used.

    Keep active, keep moving forward with your life, and make a list of goals just so you don't forget how you keep improving.

    Also, try and find someone who can listen. Someone who will actually shut up, listen to you, not judge and then give you a hug. When you talk you'll notice how your brain comes up with causes that are at the root of your depression (this is more or less what the classical 'lie on a couch' therapy does). Identifying these things, letting them out and, where possible, fixing them is a great help.

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