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Travelling overseas

Fizban140Fizban140 Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
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I am in the US Air Force and in a couple months I will be moving to Korea. I can not get a straight answer out of anyone I have asked in the military so I came here, do I need a passport? I have to make the decision tomorrow or else I will not be able to get it in time because I am currently on leave and go back to my base soon and it will take me much longer to order one over there.

I plan on going to surrounding countries while on leave. It will cost me $100 for a passport so if there is anyway to avoid getting one I am all for it. I have heard I might be able to work out something with military orders where I do not need a passport or possibly even just my CAC.

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  • JobastionJobastion Registered User regular
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    You should be recieving a military passport as part of your re-assignment to Korea. This, along with your orders, will get you into that country. Surrounding countries may or may not honor the military passport, and that is up to them. Also, if the surrounding country you are traveling too has the reputation of ... um... not being so nice to military folks, your military passport kinda gives that away, regardless of outfit or uniform.
    Best advice is to get a standard blue passport for travel to the surrounding countries, and check with your local regs regarding going to the surrounding countries, as I've heard that you may need to fill out travel plans, something regarding some new anti-terrorism stuff.

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  • Fizban140Fizban140 Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
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    Do I need the passport book or just the passport? One is $45 the other is $100.

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  • VisionOfClarityVisionOfClarity Registered User regular
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    The card is only for Canada, Mexico and a few other places. You can't use it flying.

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  • BuddiesBuddies Registered User regular
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    Get the Passport.

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