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Wireless adpater won't connect to router

rockmonkeyrockmonkey Little RockRegistered User regular
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Ok so I have a encore wireless PCI card that I've been using in one PC and decided to move to my other PC. Both systems run XP pro and would be connecting to a wireless linksys router which is in turn hooked up to a cable modem. so basically one system is ran wired and the other wireless. The card worked fine in the first pc but now I can't get it to connect since I've moved it to the 2nd pc. I've installed/reinstalled the card with the software from the pc. I've tried with the driver from the cd and letting windows handle the wireless crap. and I've also tried with the latest driver from the card maker's website with windows handling the wireless setup.

I can see the router in the list of available wireless networks, and also my neighbor's is in the list. Thing is I select my network and then click connect and then nothing happens the box goes away but its still not connected.

I've tried the card in different PCI slots (slots known to work).

When I was using the cards software it listed the signal strength as mid 80s% (router is straight up stairs).

Everything is set to autodetect and it found the correct channel and all that. I know my wireless is working as I used my nintendo DS to check it. I took the WEP off for now until I get the basics working again. Its not confined to a list a mac addresses allowed or anything.

tl;dr - wireless card works fine in one pc and not in the other

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