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The Underground Interview (Captain K/bombardier's podcast)

bombardierbombardier mod
edited July 2009 in Games and Technology
A while ago, Captain K and I started working on a podcast which centered around interviewing talent in the video game industry whose stories are not usually heard. We had/have more people in mind lined up for future episodes but since this thing has stagnated, we figured we should post it and get some feedback and see if there is enough interest in this thing to motivate us to pursue it further.

Our first guest was Houk, who happens to post on the PA forums! He is a script editor for Nippon Ichi Software America. Definitely a very interesting job to start off with. Lots of cool stuff on localization and voice acting.

Feedback on the format, what you liked/didn't like, and even technical help in regards to recording a podcast with multiple people across the globe and not sounding like shit with everyone at a different volume is more than welcome. There is quite a bit of audio stuff wrong, but I am blaming poor internet connections for a lot of the 'cuts'.

Thanks to Captain Cthulhu for the groovy intro! There are a few others holstered for potential new episodes as well! Captain K does most of the talking but I'm there with a stuffy nose butting in occasionally when I think of questions that were not on the docket.

So, here it is, in all its 1 hour and 15 minute splenda: (no, there is no website yet)

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