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E-mail notification woes.

BeelzebozoBeelzebozo Registered User regular
Basically, it doesn't work...consistently. I have notification set to on. Just the other night, I was getting notices just fine. Now I'm getting nothing. Anyone else having this problem?

Beelzebozo on


  • ÄlphämönkëyÄlphämönkëy Registered User regular
    edited February 2004
    Meh. Shit happens. :lol:

    No, but seriously, the email server here at homelan has issues. Major issues. We cant complain as we get the services for free, however, as at person who has spent some time administering servers before, I can not think of a good reason for this down time and server hiccups. That said, I have never (and probably will never) admin(ed) a system that gets as many hits as HomeLAN does. I think that too often people pick on what homelan does wrong, when, in essence, they do a lot right.

    This is not just you, and it is nothing we have controll over :wink:

    Älphämönkëy on
  • BeelzebozoBeelzebozo Registered User regular
    edited February 2004
    Oh, OK. i just wanted to make sure that my e-mail provider wasn't blocking PA notices as spam. I just got a few notices this morning, but not for this thread. :P

    Beelzebozo on
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