Weirdest Bug

joshua1joshua1 Registered User regular
Hey, I just wanted submit an odd glitch.

Using Safari (4) on OS X.

The blue colour background in the posts slowly becomes lighter, until I highlight the page, whereupon it reverts.

It doesn't appear to be my monitor, or safari, as other pages are acting normally.

I thought it was worth while to give someone a heads up.


Scrolling via scroll-wheel seems to be the thing bringing it on. Its also not limited to the Blue of the posts, but all forum elements, but NOT images from outsite hosts (sigs etc)

Actually that thing about outside hosts is a lie. Everything is getting what appears to be its colour temp. changed when i scroll.

Edit 2: So it's screen-shotable. I have a pic if required.

Edit3: Its not limited to mouse wheel scrolling either. Just scrolling.

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