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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Shut Your [Chat]ting Face, Uncle-[Chat]ter", by Fer

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puns are bad, feral
Forum: Debate and Discourse
Post: Shut Your [Chat]ting Face, Uncle-[Chat]ter
Posted by: Feral

Original Content:
Incenjucar wrote: »
Feral wrote: »
The Cat wrote: »
Feral wrote: »
I think everybody in No Exit would have been much happier had they just fucked each other.
that's your solution to everything, isn't it :P

No, just my entire high school required reading list.

Catcher in the Rye: Holden would have been much less uptight had he bust a nut in the prostitute.
A Separate Peace: Gene and Phineas? So gay for each other.
The Great Gatsby: Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby? I'm thinking threesome.
The Lord of the Flies: You're telling me that a bunch of kids entering puberty stranded on a tropical island aren't "exploring" with one another? Right.
Hamlet: Don't play coy, sweet Prince, we all know you really were thinking of "country matters."
The Iliad: Ancient Greeks. Need I say more?
The Scarlet Letter: Polyamory would have prevented all that drama.
Brave New World: All John really needed was to pop a couple soma and relax with a cute chick and a feelie.
The Bell Jar: I think one or two screaming orgasms a week would have improved Sylvia's outlook immensely.

Writers are pretty famous for having sexual problems and projecting them into their literature.

Yes, some might say that sexual frustration is the fountainhead of literary creativity.

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