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Vault of the Drow. Keep on the Borderlands. Tomb of Horrors. Village of Hommlet. The first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons had some of the best adventures ever written for tabletop gaming. But the rules told us to roll 3d6 in order for stats. Bollocks to that. Join us in recreating the wonder and madness of 1st Edition within the familiar 4e ruleset. Novice adventurers will learn of roleplaying beyond the confines of a videogame, and experienced dungeon crawlers will discover that the ancient maps made of these foul pits are indeed outdated, and their trusty longswords are once again needed to uncover a new darkness that stirs beneath the shroud of night.


Gaming will be over Skype with regular earphones and headsets, combat managed through Maptools, and records maintained in Google Docs. Players will start at 1st level, preferably built with Character Builder. Sessions will last about 3 hours and meet weekly on a day and time to be decided depending on player's schedules. Please include the time(s) you are available along with your character sheet. That said, I live in the Eastern USA and would prefer to start gaming between noon and 7pm my time. Novice players are welcome, especially those who have never played before. Emphasis will be on problem solving and storytelling over combat and character optimization.

Finally, I would like a description of your character. Please don't feel constrained by race/class/build choices found in the rulebooks, instead merely describe a persona you would like to portray. Previous players have done everything from a Gryphon Rider to The Joker to a Kitchen Commando.

To join the game: Write a post describing your character. This can be as little as one sentence. Attach your character sheet, mention when you're available, and once a sizable number have replied, I will post again with the date and time of the first session. Obviously, this is also when I'll PM you for your Skype usernames.

See you at the gaming table!

How to Make a Character

Don't worry about optimizing your character, unless you really want to. Character Builder's Quick Character function should be more than sufficient for our purposes. Simply pick a Class, Race, Build, and Name your character and stating is done. You can stat out your character first if you'd like, or you can create your character concept first, it's up to you. Skip ahead to Character Concept if you want to do that first.

Races in this Campaign

Try not to be the same race or class as another member of the party. Renamed races have the original name in parenthesis. Homebrew races are labeled. All races are briefly described. No other races or classes are permitted without a very good reason. Outsiders are not from the planet Oerth, but instead from the Outer Planes, where all mortal souls end up, eventually. The Elves are natural creatures, but retain Fey Origin.

Prime Material


Half-Elf: Fey-like
Dwarf: Norse Miners
Turathi (Tiefling): Corrupt
Half-Orc: Feral
Halfling: Rat-like


Pixie: Winged. Homebrew race.
Eladrin: Noble
Eldar (Elves): Wild
Gnome: Enslaved by humans
Drow: Corrupt
Banshee: Dead. Homebrew race.



Cambion (Shadar-Kai): Half-devils
Bladeling: Half-demons
Githyanki: Interplanar raiders

Elemental Chaos

Mephit (Genasi): Elemental Creatures
Lizardmen: Instinct dominated animals. Homebrew race.
Troll (Goliath): Noble rock people


Einheriar (Deva): Spirit Warriors
Modron (Warforged): Robots
Githzerai: Monks of Chaos


Dragonborn: Dragon people
Longtooth: Wolf people
Minotaur: Cow people

Classes in this Campaign

Leaders- Warlord, Bard, Cleric, Shaman
Defender- Fighter, Swordmage, Paladin, Warden
Striker- Rogue, Warlock, Avenger, Barbarian
Controller- Duskblade (homebrew), Wizard, Invoker, Druid

Character Concepts-
These characters would work better if they were a reflavoring of a current class/race combination, rather than the creation of a new class. If you want a random result, add the results of 2d20 and 1d8.

If none of these concepts look appealing, or if you already know who your character is going to be, then you can create your own Character Concept. Merely visualize your hero, who can be based on any character from any TV show, movie, videogame, or book you've ever known. He can even be something totally original. Then, I need a title for your character as well as a sentence or two of description. If you haven't done your Stats, now is the time. Alternatively, if you are done with Stating, it's time to Reflavor (Skip down).

3. Tourist- A character with no useful abilities, save a vast fortune, from which he pays others to assist him with his tourism.

4. Ogre- A foul-smelling denizen of the local swamp, he uses the powers of his digestive juices in battle.

5. Psychic Warrior- Clad in ascetic robes, knights of the Order of Jhed-Dai possess powers of telekinesis and suggestion.

6. Ninja- A fine Masamune and some lethal contact poisons are all this ninja needs to turn his less mobile enemies into mincemeat.

7. Hexblade- A barbarian from Far Harad, who's mastery over fiends has given his blades a demonic power.

8. Conjurer- A classically trained magician, this spellcaster summons forth minor elemental beings called mephits to do his bidding.

9. Black Knight- Once a noble paladin, the gods cursed him with undeath after he slept with his lord's wife. Every night, he must sing the song of his transgressions.

10. Archer- A fighting woman from the jungles of Zakhara, she imbues her arrows with the power of the elements.

11. Gardener- A druid who commands the very trees to attack his enemies, the roots to entangle them, and the moon to curse them.

12. Librarian- Cursed with the form of an orangutan, he is nonetheless learned in the arts of wandmastery, dragon lore, and ancient history.

13. Kalashtari- A high priest dead for hundreds of years, his corpse preserved as a mummy, he can summon his comrades to life, or suck the very youth from his enemies.

14. Cabalist- A worshiper of the snake goddess Yuan-ti, he is a master of poisons and can turn into a snake.

15. Dancer- A diminutive white imp creature, this spellcaster channels the power of dance and geomancy to crush his opponents.

16. Swashbuckler- Douglas Fairbanks as Zorro!

17. Pirate- Errol Flynn as Captain Blood!

18. Witch-Hunter- A hunter of terrible Gothic beasts, he also cleanses the taint of Chaos from the hapless peasants he is ordained to protect.

19. Crusader- An extremely heavily armored knight on a colossal horse who can really lay down the smack, in a historically accurate way.

20. Frostmourne- The legendary sword that devours souls can vanquish any enemy, but the first soul it must claim is your own.

21. Daemonologist- A master of exorcism as well as control of demons, this researcher's knowledge could be used for good or ill.

22. Red Wizard- A heavily tattooed wizard who sells magical items and has mastered the skill of channeling their arcane power.

23. Eidolon- A dead man risen to avenge himself, the Eidolon saps the lifeforce of his enemies with his wraithtouch and commands a band of skeleton rockers.

24. Ronin- Former General of the Lion Clan before the Crane Clan caused it to be eliminated by the Emperor. He seeks the perfect battle in which to die.

25. Oracle- Gains power over objects and enemies by commanding them using their True Names. Can shape and sense magical energy as others shape clay.

26. Runemaster- This dwarf calls upon an ancient, non-arcane tradition that binds his soul to that of the very earth.

27. Gladiator- A slave who grew up fighting for money, he recently won the sword of Theodoric, the fabled "first" gladiator, in battle.

28. Pistoleer- An Imperial noble who fires upon his enemies atop his noble steed with a brace of pistols.

29. Griffoneer- A dwarven messenger, he hurls great Spiritual Hammers from his flying Griffon mount.

30. Dragonslayer- Equipped with a black dragon cuirass, air harpoon, and icon of Tiamat, he has trained all his life to slay the dragons which threaten his home.

31. Wilder- A tamer of raw Chaos, this sorcerer's abilities are so vast as to threaten his very sanity.

32. Lurker- This renegade from the Imperial Colleges has applied his magical talents to petty larceny and burglary. He has become a rich man.

33. Cagliostro- A wizened old psyker with vast telekinetic, telepathic, and clairvoyant powers.

34. Dragoon- Renowned as much for his skill with the crysknife as for his skill as a Sandworm rider, he leads his tribe in raiding desert caravans.

35. Ninja- A secretive man from a clan of contract killers, he kills quickly, quietly, undetectably, but also selectively.

36. Woodsman- Errol Flynn as Robin Hood!

37. Voidwalker- A malefic extradimensional being that Gates forth more of its own kind. Its mind blast calls forth memories of pain and agony to the victim's mind.

38. Monk- The monks of Shaolin have fists that are lethal weapons, and bodies that are conduits for the elements.

39. Smuggler- This seafaring man transports contraband of all kinds past Imperial patrols in his scrappy-looking ship, the Century Eagle.

40. Aristocrat- Although most of his money is gone, this nobleman still retains his title, his privilege, his impeccable manners, and his skill at polo.

41. Barber-Surgeon- A somewhat morbid guild of men with a love of very sharp knives founded by Lord Ravenholm.

42. Blacksmith- This Altdorfer uses his titanic endurance, familiarity with fire, and masterwork tools as chief smith to the Da'Abruzzi family.

43. Noble- An esteemed member of court who lives in a comfortable mansion with a horde of servants, she negotiated the Nebrassian trade treaty.

44. Necromancer- Members of a reclusive order dedicated to the Raven Queen, these pale priests twist the cord that balances life and death.

45. Farseer- The Imperial school employs them for divination, as well as battlefield teleportation and quick reconnaissance.

46. Spellbreaker- Masters at bending, shaping, and extinguishing raw magical power, the Abjurers are a versatile group of spellcasters.

47. Summoner- This wily conjurer calls upon ancient Primordial avatars to judge her enemies. Shiva, Ifrit, Maduin, Ramuh and Tritoch are at her command.

48. Illusionist -He can call forth ghosts to assail his enemies, strange images to confuse them, and false emotions to rattle their minds.

Reflavoring: Maybe you noticed that almost none of the Character Concepts fit into conventional classes or races. For this reason, I allow renaming of any and every power, class, build, power description, and power keyword. The idea is to rename it to something that will fit your character concept (if your stats don't fit your character concept).

Character Backgrounds-
Character backgrounds are a great way for a player to tell the DM what kinds of adventures he'd like to go on. If you are interested in adventuring to a certain location, make it your character's long-lost homeland. Or maybe you have a dungeon that you've always wanted to visit. Make your PC a previous explorer of that dungeon, who is eager to return. If you want to engage in a certain activity, simply make the PC adept at that activity. For example, a player who wants to negotiate diplomatic treaties will make sure to give her character a background in diplomacy. Be advised that the below are merely guidelines. A Background is simply a brief sketch of character activities before the campaign has begun.

Pick a few of these or just roll d20 a few times.

1. Planar: Being born in the Outer Planes has made you somewhat of a fish out of water here in the Primes.

2. Waterdeep: You are from the city that never sleeps, the cosmopolitan center of the Empire.

3. Elf-friend: You grew up among the Fey, who have taken you in as one of their own.

4. Secret: You did something evil in the past and now it haunts you, though nobody knows about it.

5. Outcast: You did something unacceptable, and have been cast out of your community, perhaps to atone.

6. Auspicious: It was prophesied on your birth that you would do great things.

7. Chosen: You are the chosen of a god or ancestor, infernal or divine (roll d4).

8. Artifact: You possess a relic of your race, with a long and storied history.

9. Wanderer: Your profession (merchant, soldier, preacher, pilgrim etc) requires much travel.

10. Prisoner: You were imprisoned by a race, but managed to escape.

11. Noble: You are from a landholding family.

12. Poor: You rarely got enough to eat when you were young.

13. Merchant family: You were supported by your widely flung family business.

14. Soldier: You have fought in the Imperial Army for most of your life, rising to the rank of Lieutenant.

15. Guard: You have chased thieves for most of your life, and now wish you could have joined them. Your fellow guards are notoriously corrupt.

16. Protagonist: You steal, cheat, bob, and con people for money.

17. Cimmerian: You grew up in Cimmerian, far from the centers of civilization.

18. Farmer: You've lived in this armpit village your whole life: you want out!

19. Scholar: a diligent researcher, you know little of the outside world.

20. Geography: You're from the biggest desert, forest, marsh, or mountain range (roll d4) in the world.

Character Conundrums

Character Conundrums are a great way for a player to tell a DM what kind of campaign he prefers. This represents, in game terms, the main moral question facing the character. In real terms, this sets the mood of the adventure. Is it militaristic, paranoid, haunting, angsty, or heroic? Whatever you choose your conundrum to be, know that you will face a very similar question in at least one of your adventures. So think about the answer. Which is more important?

Law vs Freedom- Is it better to be organized, part of a cohesive whole where you know what to do, OR to find your own way through a mass of obstacles, coming out with your own unique solution?

Truth vs Beauty- Is it better to face harsh reality, or should life be led in the pursuit of the better things?

Danger vs Glory- Is it worth it to risk your life just for a chance at fame?

Humanity vs Power- How much power can you gather to yourself before it begins to threaten your very soul?

Knowledge vs Sanity- You are curious about the world, but curiosity frequently leads men to their deaths or worse.

Thought vs Action- Is it better to consider options and weigh and plan, or to act based on your current knowledge, secure in your instincts?

War vs Peace- Peace allows for prosperity, but also corruption. War decimates cultures, but also inspires and creates them. Which is truly the greater evil?

Blood vs Water- Your kin say they made you who you are. Of course, you are a self-made man. Which is more important, your family or your ability to protect your family?

Character Connections
Your character needs at least two connections to other members in the party. This can be from the most casual (daughter's mother's former roommate) to the most intimate (adulterous relationship). Maybe the characters were in the same army unit together? Perhaps they have adventured together before? Maybe they are related by blood?

Character Reference Sheet

For quick reference during combat, I recommend writing down your Fortitude, Reflex, Armor Class, and Will defenses, as well as your Speed, Initiative Bonus, Max Hit Points, Total Healing Surges, Surge Value, and At-Will powers on an index card with your character's name. Or you can use one of the excellent character sheets available online, such as Shado's character sheet.

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    Eurotime or imperialist pigdog time?

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    What's a duskblade?

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    I am an imperialist pig dog (living on East Coast of USA), but since sessions will only be about 3 hrs long (certainly no longer), I feel like timezones won't be such a big issue. For example, my ideal playing time is between noon and 7pm (Eastern USA Standard time). In that time period, I'm sure we can agree on something.

    I take it you want to play? First step would be to make a character. If you are confused about what I'm requiring, here is a sample:

    Name: Glinto the Birdcaller
    Race: Rogue Modron (Warforged)
    Class: Fighter
    Level: 1

    Concept: Glinto is a robotic creature recently escaped from the structures that his race imposed upon him and rather at a loss for what to do with his newfound freedom. Being only partially biological, he is difficult to injure.

    Background: Auspicious, Guard, Prisoner
    Even in the hyper-organized clockwork world of Mechanus, something will eventually go wrong. Mistakes are possible, and therefore predictable, elements of life there. In fact, the Modron inhabitants of the plane even have laws that govern these mistakes, and algorithms for dealing with the unpredictable. For example, every 1,392.6 cycles, a Modron will go Rogue. It is ordinarily identified and eliminated long before it has the potential to sow chaos. But sometimes, just sometimes, a Modron escapes out into the world. Primus, first of the Modrons, foresaw that this particular creature, BX1792, was destined for greatness, and let it into the world. Taking the name Glinto, BX1792 escaped through a planar portal into the world of Oerth, where he was regarded with considerable suspicion by the local constabulary. However, they have since found that he makes an excellent, untiring guardsman, and his metallic frame makes him exceedingly hardy. After quickly deciphering the primitive patterns that comprise the Common language, he still has problems understanding words like Love, Passion, and Hope. He feels that by remaining in Oerth, he may discover the laws that govern these behaviors.

    Character Conundrum

    Law Vs. Freedom. Glinto is a creature of rules and orders, but he is gradually becoming accustomed to startling acts of individualism, such as possessing a name, and planning his day.

    Character Connections
    If another party member is a guard as well, then Glinto and him are in the same unit. Any criminal-type character in the part would have been apprehended, justly or injustly, by Glinto at least once in the past.
    Many residents of the town use or have used Glinto as sword or target practice, since his plated body is difficult to injure with conventional weapons. Glinto doesn't mind. Most warrior-type party members will have heard of Glinto in this faculty, as a talking target practice dummy.

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    A quick question before I post a Dwarven Cleric: We're using Skype. Does that mean we'll need a web cam, or does the typical headset and earphones cut it?

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    Headset and earphones are fine. A webcam will be unnecessary. That said, make sure both work.

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    What is a Duskblade?

    A Duskblade is like a ninja, or an assassin, able to dispatch many enemies at once with various bombs and poisons, but rather weak when he is out in the open. Smoke bombs, shuriken, blow darts, and various other "Eastern" techniques are all at the Duskblade's disposal. If you want to play the class, I can send you a powers list for 1st level, but beware, because it is homebrewed and thus not playtested.

    Why the Duskblade? WotC designed their class system really well. Each role (Leader, Defender etc) has four possible power sources (Primal, Arcane etc). This holds true except in two cases. The Strikers, which have two Martial and two Arcane classes. And the Controllers, which have no Martial class. So, I removed two Striker classes (there is already one Ranger in the group and I don't think anyone plays Sorcerers) and added a Martial Controller. For a name, I used an old 3e class, the Duskblade. The original Duskblade was an arcane/melee hybrid, who could channel touch magic (like shocking grasp) through their swords. My Duskblade needs to be martial though, so no magic.

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    Yeah, I'd love to see the duskblade's exploits, as well as the homebrew races.

    (You left out Artificers as a duplicate source/role class. :P)

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    I'll bite, then. I may have to drop out (I'll know my schedule better in a few days), but here goes nothing:

    Travok Steadyhand
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Cleric
    Level: 1

    Concept: Travok is a traveling healer of the Steadyheart temple. This is his first assignment, which is stressful enough, but his stress doubled when he figured out he'd have to go alone and his mission was simply "Do good and heal."

    Backround: Wanderer, Geography (Mountain)

    Caves are, well, dangerous. Cave ins, dangerous creatures, demons, bad air, floods....it's not nice work. That's where the Steadyheart temple comes in. Priests trained in the Steadyheart temple are trained to be right beside the miners, ready to heal any ailment that comes their way. Not every cleric, however, is ready to be sent down into the mines right away. Most have to spend years training, and even more years collecting real world experience, before being let inside of a cave to protect the miners. Travok Steadyhand has just finished his schooling, and is out to get some real world experience. He hopes that once he does, the temple will allow him to proceed in title, from Steadyhand to Steadyhands to Steadybody to Steadyheart, the highest title possible.

    Character Conundrum

    Peace v Protection: The Steadyheart temple is dedicated to non violence. Although this started for a practical reason (There's no need to waste time training your clerics to fight when they'll spend most of their time next to a group of people who hit things very hard for a living), it has, over the years, become ingrained in every Steadyheart cleric that they cannot harm others. However, what if harming others will help protect those that you are dedicated to healing? And, if you can harm them, how much and who? Is killing a demon better or worse than frying an undead? Is wounding a human to help heal another better or worse than killing a half-ling who was about to kill a friend?

    Character Connections

    Miners will know of the Steadyheart temple and of it's rankings; they probably won't know of Travok, but they will know (from his title) that he's a traveling priest.

    Other Priests will know of the Steadyheart temple and its dedication to non violence. They won't know much more.

    Villages near mines or villages built around the mining industry would probably have a Steadyheart temple in them.


    The best times for me would be between 4 PM EST and 12 PM EST (IE: I can start anywhere between 4 and 9 and end anywhere from 7 to midnight) on weekdays, and pretty much any time except from about 5-7 on weekends. I would prefer weekends. I'll know better in a few days.

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    The three homebrew races. The other races are merely renamed, or slightly reflavored.

    Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
    Size: Medium
    Speed: 5
    Vision: Low-Light
    Languages: Common, Elven
    Skill Bonuses: +2 History, +2 Intimidate

    Fey Origin
    Resist 5 Poison
    Ignore Difficult Terrain
    +5 to resist Charm

    Undead arise when, after processing in the Court of Justice, the chosen god of the dead spirit chooses to reject it. This can happen for many reasons, but the most common is that the spirit has yet things to do in the mortal realm. At this point, the spirit is sent back to the Court of Justice for reassignment and granted the form of an undead creature relative to the spirit's power and desire to return. Most undead that return in such a way have no great desire to return, and thus are relatively minor spirits.

    The exception to this is the Drow, who upon death (usually from poison) are accepted readily by Lolth, who needs ever more souls to fuel her endless wars against Graz'zt in the Abyss.

    However, because elves are immortal, death is an abomination to them and to their god, Corellon Larethian. Corellon accepts only those souls who have died in glorious combat against the forces of evil. Murders, suicides, and accidents are rejected. Thus, though elves are notoriously infertile, there is yet a sizable population of elves who live in Oerth though they are dead. They do not enjoy to be reminded of the living, so many of these banshee (especially those who were Good in life) live on the Isle of Wight, across the Great Sea, far from most sentient creatures. Occasionally, one particularly evil or good banshee decides to cross the Great Sea and go among the living so that they may either die in the war against darkness and thus achieve Corellon's acceptance, or side with the forces of evil and gain the power over the living that they never could in life.

    Thus, banshee are somewhat rare, and ordinary humans and demihumans do not accept them readily, believing them to be more or less uniformly evil. In fact, the term "banshee" means "evil spirit" Elves will respond to a banshee much as they do to any other elf, though with some sadness at the banshee's status as undead.

    Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Dexterity
    Size: Medium
    Speed: 6
    Vision: Normal
    Languages: Common, Draconic
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception, +2 Athletics
    Swampwalk movement
    Spear and Blowgun Proficiency

    Poison Weapon
    Encounter Power * Minor Action

    The character laces a melee or ranged weapon with poison, causing it to do 5 ongoing poison damage (save ends) on its next successful hit.

    Lizardmen are as described in the 2nd Edition AD&D Monstrous Manual, page 227. (Publishing this info would be a copyright problem, though I think I'm allowed to share it through email or private messages. Just tell me if you want to play a Lizardman) PC lizardmen are Advanced Lizardmen. However, lizardmen have no King. Instead, they are ruled by an aspect of Jormungandr, the World Serpent, called Semuanya. In the Elemental Chaos, the Lizardmen live at the base of Yggdrasil, in a vast bog where Jormungadr gnaws at the World Tree.

    Being savage creatures, the chief aim of the Lizardmen is to propagate their species. To this end, they have colonized many Prime Material worlds by following the branches of Yggdrasil. Before colonization can begin, however, advance scouts and perhaps even small clans are sent forth to explore potential worlds and return back. Once the explorers return, a lizardman tribe or two will accompany them back to the world they have discovered so that it may be populated. PC lizardmen represent these first pioneers, who explore worlds, sometimes going on missions that last decades before returning to Semuanya's Bog.

    Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
    Size: Small
    Speed: 6
    Vision: Low Light
    Languages: Common, Elven
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Bluff, +2 Nature

    Standard Action * Encounter
    You are invisible till the end of your next turn

    Pixies are likewise detailed in the 2nd Edition AD&D Monstrous Manual, page 329. They resemble 2 1/2 foot tall elves with silver wings. They are the least Elves in terms of size, and the greatest in terms of magical aptitude. Pixies can turn invisible, and fight with sprite-sized swords, bows and arrows to defend their well-secluded glades. Flighty creatures, a gaggle of them might decide to adventure on a whim, or perhaps to harass one particular party member. More than any other Elves, Pixies love to annoy and pull pranks on larger creatures. Pixies are hunted by many unscrupulous demihumans because their wings, when ground up, can be used as dust of disappearance.

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    When you say Pixies are a band of 5, does that mean you have to buy everything in 5s, or is it assumed that when you buy a single medium bow that it makes 5 even pixie sized bows? Also, you say they have wings, but their movement speed doesn't indicate hover or flight. Do they not have them?

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    Hmm, you're right, having 5 Pixies in a band doesn't really make much sense now, does it?

    Likewise, Banshee race seemed a bit unbalanced.

    Here is the Duskblade class, up till level 2 anyway.

    As I said, our next session is Monday at 6pm. If you wish to be included, please send your Skype name, along with a character sheet, to me via PM.

    We have four characters in the party as of now, including the dead cleric. However, anyone who would still like to join is more than welcome. We could especially use a Defender of any class.

    DEAD***Arla, level 1 Human Cleric***

    Glinto Birdcaller, Rogue Modron Regulator (reflavored Invoker)
    Travok, Dwarven Cleric of Steadyheart temple
    Tragonan, Half-elf Beastmaster Ranger
    along with his wolf, Grimork the Frost Wolf

    See you at the gaming table,

    CaptPoco on
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