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Birthday Ideas [A Game Recommendation Thread]

TerrendosTerrendos Decorative MonocleRegistered User regular
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So, my birthday is coming along in a couple of weeks and my parents don't have anything for me. They wanted me to write down some ideas. Unfortunately, thanks to the usual summer video game drought and my being out of the loop concerning video games all of last semester, I've got no clue what good games have come out since, well, around Christmas. Hopefully, this is where all of you come in.

Systems: PC, DS, Wii
Genres: Strategy, RPG, Adventure

I did hear that The Conduit was pretty good, although I'm not a big FPS fan. My class schedule next semester is going to be kind of spread out, so I'll probably be using my DS a lot. If there's any long, quality RPGs for that I'd be very interested.

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