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Hi everyone,

A new age is starting in what I consider the best free MMO out there, the game Norron. I'm a fan of the game, but it could use a bigger playerbase since it lacks proper advertising, hence this post.

Its a bit like archmage for you old timers who used to play that back then, but with a lot more depth in it. You play a settlement in the viking world of Midgard, where you choose a god to worship and a hero class. Then you duke it out with the help of your kingdom in hopes of having the largest settlement in all of midgard!

The game rewards planning and strategy, and thus is more fit for the "Tycho" type of player rather than "Gabe", since an age lasts 85 days.

I'm hoping to see a few of you guys give it a try, you can find it at:

and you can see the guide here:

I don't gain anything from posting this, besides having more opponents to crush under my heel.... MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHA!
... hahem... sorry.

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    I'm the creator of the game, but it could use a bigger playerbase since I didn't know how else to advertise it, hence this post.

    Fixed that for ya.

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    Was wowed by Rift so I'm trying that now.
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    nope, I'm just a fan of the game who figured that fans of penny-arcade are the type of players who would enjoy this type of game. The game itself is actually a few years old.

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    did you have to post this in two different locations? You really need to read the rules, just like i said in the last spot you site whored this. You're going to get jailed for this.

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    There is a thread for free MMO's just a few slots down on this forum.

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