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    ... I never even noticed the initials.

    It's a superhero game. Superheros are nothing if not allegorical depictions of various powers.

    You didn't notice that the Penny Arcade supergroup in CoH was called Power's Allegory and the CoV one was called Power's Affliction?

    And no, superheroes are nothing if not literal depictions of various powers. The Human Torch, for example, is not some normal guy spreading the light of knowledge to the downtrodden. He's a dude who can set himself on fire.

    That's not an allegory.

    not what I'm talking about.

    x-men is an allegory on the civil rights movement.

    spider-man is a parable on responsibility.

    I thought this was shit everyone knew.

    edit: and no, I didn't play CoX with you guys, so I didn't.

    If that stuff is true comics are dumb. I quit.

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