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Can somebody save my 19th birthday??? - NEED A THREE DAY PASS!

SirAnatomySirAnatomy Registered User new member
edited August 2009 in PAX Archive
Hi there. My name is Alycia. Please read my story. :[

I work for an evil fast food dictator who has screwed me over during the last two PAX conventions. She is a unholy beast.
I had this best friend, rest his soul, who bought a stock full of tickets using the group discount and told me not to worry for he was saving two of them for me and my boyfriend.
After working very very very hard, doing everything the evil fast food dictator could ever ask, I finally was able to get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off!!! Had to work almost two weeks straight and some 9 hour shifts... HUZZAH!
But...I just found out of this glorious news yesterday. And my eternally dead best friend had ended up selling one of my passes just the day before that... Even though the lying scum told me that all was good just the day before that!
...This friend of mine is dead to me.
My 19th birthday falls on the 5th of September...and going to PAX all three days with my boyfriend was going to be so great. Especially since I actually got the time off work... And he couldn't take me to Bay Con last April... :[
Is my birthday cursed? Who knows. For something always seems to go wrong. Can someone please save my birthday??? Please?
This means so much to me...
My quest has brought me to my dear comrades requesting, no, begging to purchase a spare three day pass from the merciful stranger who may choose to do so.


And if you see a cute girl kicking some guy's ass at this wonderful lovely event, please, do not stop me.
His name is Travis. Hate him.

I hope this message makes haste.

Thank you, comrades,
Alycia Regan

SirAnatomy on


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    ArcoArco Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    Check the have/need pass thread or eBay; you'll get your hands on one if you try hard enough.

    Happy early birthday!

    Arco on
    Like this, not like the gas station.
    Organizer of the Post-PAX Party. You should come!
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    tehshadowtehshadow Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    or you could try this if you are really desperate and are willing to spend a bit.

    tehshadow on
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    SirAnatomySirAnatomy Registered User new member
    edited August 2009
    Thank you.
    I have already checked craigslist...

    Sadly I only prepared myself to pay $45 a pass...and my rent is due on my birthday as well.

    Damn this dilemma.

    Thank you for your help though, truly.

    SirAnatomy on
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    Queen BrewerQueen Brewer Registered User regular
    edited August 2009
    Oh Travis, you devil. You did the same thing with Girl Talk tickets to Leslie and she had to buy them from StubHub for huge markup.

    Queen Brewer on
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