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Hush returns, does it blow?

projectmayhemprojectmayhem Registered User regular
edited December 2006 in Graphic Violence
Simple question. I couldnt find any reviews for it. Then again, I only looked for 2min.

Anyway, is this worth the 14.99 or so if I am a huge fan of Hush? Or should I just save that money for absolute crises on infinite earths?

projectmayhem on


  • KalTorakKalTorak One way or another, they all end up in the Undercity.Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    In short? Yes. The story doesn't go anywhere (literally, it sets up a bunch of problems and plot, and then goes, "Welp, looks like you're fucked! End.), and the art didn't appeal to me at all. Seriously inferior to the original Hush.

    KalTorak on
  • Conditional_AxeConditional_Axe Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    if you are a huge fan of hush, you may as well be a completist and get it if it goes on sale. there are some decent set pieces in there, but the whole meanders a lot and doesn't pay off at all.

    Conditional_Axe on
  • vrempirevrempire Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Is this the Hush series from Batman?
    If it yes, well I think the original one from Jim Lee is better.

    vrempire on
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