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File under "I can't believe it was made!"

FWCoreyFWCorey Registered User new member
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Saw an animated movie today on an online friends recommendation that blew me away... and yes it belongs in this category. :)
The movie was called "The Secret of Kells".. apparently did well at a film festival. The entire film is animated using the style of drawings from illuminated medieval manuscripts.. it must have been a massive effort to put it together and my hat is off to all the artists that worked on it. Anyone with the slightest interest in ancient art should check it out even though it's supposed to be a kids movie.
It felt like I fell asleep while looking at an illumination and it came to life as a dream.

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    Angel_of_BaconAngel_of_Bacon Moderator mod
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    Sounds cool, but this post is chat thread material. New threads are generally limited to art posted for critiques.

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