Photoshop portrait of my daughter (WIP)

HanSaganHanSagan Registered User regular
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Included the original photo for comparison...just have to do her top and a bit more work on the hair...thoughts?

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  • MustangMustang Registered User regular
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    You've painted right over the top of a photo that used flash as it's main source of light.
    Is this just for learning? I'm puzzled at what you were hoping to achieve here.

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  • LeggraphicsLeggraphics Registered User
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    Yeah not sure you will learn allot just painting over the top of a photo obviously tracing and using the eyedrop tool. Give it another go not doing it that way. Use a grid system to copy if you need but you won't learn anything copying the image nor will it really be a good artwork because it will have nothing of yourself in it. You may as well just print off the original.

    Having said that there are a few differences like in the eyes. Your eyes aren't circular..

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