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So would anyone want to bring their collections (or parts thereof, I'm sure most of you have retardedly massive amounts of cardboard rectangles) and do a bit of trading? I'm bringing my stuff down, not an overly impressive collection, but I play more for fun than for tourny-winning.

Just bring it along if you're interested. I was thinking of setting a somewhat-specefic time we could all gather for trading.

My group is going to be getting there one day early (the 25th), so maybe around 11pm at the double tree lobby/restaurant?

I dunno, if anyone else wants to just give a time, I'm open to whenever, so I'm just throwing ideas...and watching them splatter...

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  • ctishmanctishman Registered User
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    As I mentioned earlier, I'll be bringing all of my cards and probably giving them away. There's a lot of junk, but some good stuff too.

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  • AndwarfAndwarf Registered User regular
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    I'll certainly be bringing my decks again. I dunno about the rest.

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  • QuizMasterQuizMaster Registered User regular
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    Aye, it certainly would be a pain to carry around my decks and my cards. Then again, I could just get a binder.


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  • leafleaf Registered User regular
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    The hell happened there, thought I hadn't made another post on this.

    Anyways, if you wanted to trade you wouldn't have to lug around everything, just if we or anyone else meets up, just go back to our rooms and break out stuff after hours to trade.

    If not, whatever, but I'm always in the market for slivers!

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