[PRIME] Back in Black? Any Enforcers here?

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Just wondering if there are any returning Enforcers lingering on the forums who might care to talk about what us first-timers can expect.

A bit about me - first-time to PAX (and Seattle). Flying out from Grand Forks and will be coming solo. Figured volunteering was a good way to return some karma back to PA for the years I've been reading the comic.

So - tales of teh good, the bad the ugly? Anyone have some?

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  • MetaverseNomadMetaverseNomad Registered User regular
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    Umm... have you checked out the Enforcer forums? Because that's probably a better place for this...

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  • BigRedBigRed Seattle, WARegistered User regular
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    Yeah this is for the enforcer forums, not the public pax forums.

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    <MoeFwacky> besides, BigRed-Worky is right
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    Present before the seal.

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