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So I am having this issue with two different MicroSD cards on two different machines. I plug the micro SD cards in (2 gig and 4 gig respectively) into either machine and I get nothing. I got 4 gig to appear on the desktop for a little while but I cannot get it to appear any more. My brother tries the 4 gig on teh laptop but it doesn't pop up, although it gets a sound. I tried getting the 2 gig to appear but the card reader doesn't blink to recognize it.

I got the 4 gig to appear for a little while and transferred a test image to it and got the image on my brother's phone.

Help please. The laptop is 4 years old and the desktop is 1 year old.

edit: I should point out that when the card is in my Sansa View, it works. edit: by works, I mean I can add to it.

edit: This is the all in one reader for my desktop

edit: When I restart my computer I can access it once.

edit: so the 4gig card is a microsd HC and the 2 gig is a micro sd

Some of this may be wrong, I will double check in the morning.

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    check it.
    try another.

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    Perhaps Sansa formats it in a particular filesystem. See if you can locate it in a good quality partition manager.

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