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XAL Makes Drawrings [NSFW56k]

XALXAL Registered User regular
edited July 2009 in Artist's Corner
So I've been on this board for like 3 years, but never really posted much of anything. Better late than never I suppose.

Short art-life story: Always liked drawing as a kid and had a knack for it - but my parents and relatives always told me (constantly) that I'd be unhappy and poor if I pursued art as my main focus.

Relative: "what do you want to do when you grow up?"
5yr old me: "I WANT TO DRAW!!" ^_^
R: "Oh..You won't make any money doing art."
5yrom: "......." :( *dreams crushed*

So I would get frustrated that I wasn't good enough and pretty much stopped drawing altogether in high school and didn't rediscover my love of art until in freshman year of college. I started to pursue it more seriously in the last year and a half. I'm entering my senior year of college now (not at an art college) and I have a lot of catchup to do.

Anyways here's a couple random things I did spring quarter this past year:

Teach told us to copy stuff from his handouts during the model's breaks.

We had to take a photo of our face and warp it to shit on a grid. Grid took waaaaay to long to draw.



faaat guuy on litttle chaaaaairrr

accidently took this one at a bit of an angle - grrrr. this was an exercise where we drew the face of the model, and were supposed to draw a bit of the skull over the face - I went a bit overboard.

the sound charcoal makes on paper makes me want to shoot my brains out

hands and futs

Submitted this to the art department's end of the year show and somehow won the prize for drawing. Didn't hurt being the only one who submitted a drawing haha :lol:

Sorry for the bad photographs >_>

XAL on


  • bombardierbombardier Moderator mod
    edited July 2009
    This is slipping away on the front page but it's all solid stuff. I don't really have anything to add other than you seem to be on the right track and the warped portrait looks a lot like Demetri Martin.

    bombardier on
  • VistiVisti Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    Last one is loveeely.

    Visti on
  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited July 2009
    the last one has a lot of personality, but she seems to be missing part of the top of her head

    you've got a lot of skill and a good eye

    Rankenphile on
  • ManonvonSuperockManonvonSuperock Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    where did you find that photo of me sitting on a chair to ref?

    ManonvonSuperock on
  • MaximasXXZMaximasXXZ Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    where did you find that photo of me sitting on a chair to ref?

    I gave it to him. I had it as a souvenir from your mom's house.

    MaximasXXZ on
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  • XALXAL Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    Thanks guys.
    Here's some more.
    foreshortening day

    displeased woman

    hand studies


    OKAY! now let's segue into how shitty a painter I am.

    too many colors on face, too many shirry colors

    *edit: shortening a bit*

    I'm just a really shitty painter, anything having to do with color I fail miserably at.
    Granted I had to make up the fleshtones, and I've never actually (learned to) painted fleshtones before...
    but still. do hate. (these are acyrilic btw)

    Advice/crits are desperately wanted.

    XAL on
  • rtsrts Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    Honestly if I were you I wouldn't be worrying too much about painting right now. At the moment all it is for you is an expensive and extra complicated way to learn how to draw. I think that like KDW and most people who do figure drawing, you are still focused too much on contour and not enough on structure. Some of your drawings feel extremely squat, to the point of exiting reality. You do seem to have a good eye for placing 3D forms into perspective though, which is a particularly difficult thing to do when those forms are human. On the last image however, I feel her torso would likely by smaller than it is. Even if it wasn't in reality, pushing it slimmer probably would help it feel more realistic.

    Remember that you are trying to trick people into believing what you are showing them. You are not emulating reality but making people think they are looking at reality. Sometimes that means changing something to be more believable. I know that sounds weird, but when we see something odd in reality we just accept it because we know it is real. Not so in a drawing or painting, we are much quicker to reject the things we see.

    Your stuff has a very classical look to it. Which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. If you want your drawings to feel more three dimensional though you need to start thinking about shapes more, and analyzing shapes instead of legs or arms. And breaking those shapes into light and dark...literally light or dark. Nothing in the middle. Once you have a solid image where you feel all the dark areas are dark and the lights are light then you can start to get into halftones. But remember that your darkest light shape should never be darker than your lightest dark shape. Understand? I hope so. Anyways, keep at it. You have a ways to go but you are doing pretty well.

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