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WOOOO okay i've been flirting with making a thread for a while but, like, haven't

but now i am

it's a fucking revolution

i'll start with the best! these are from my figure drawing class. the first was about ten minutes i think (either that or i shaded really fast), and the second was proabbly five minutes. somethin like that. then the third was homework so it was longer (2 hrs i think). i should take more pictures of my figure drawing stuff, it was the best shit i've ever done.


and some random quickie paints that i actually kind of finished! kind of? at the very least, i did what i wanted to do even if they ended up (not too) awesome!

i made a robotttttttt IT'S ON FIRE

i'm actually v happy with this except for her nose. why don't i go back and fix her nose and be 100% happy? BECAUSE ART IS SUFFERING and i'm lazy

and now stuff i started but i didn't finish!



oh also i had a pchat with peachi! it was 11 hours of doodling and basically one of the best times i had in art

i made this trumpeter:
among other things

i also drew souji with lobster hands


there's like 40 more screencaps but i won't post them because it'd be a lot and they're all silly

AND NOW FOR MY BABYYYY. well, like, kind of.

i was inspired by a Let's Draw and also MSPaint Adventures so i did a kind of ~direct the adventure!~ drawing thing of my own. here are the last three updates, just for funsies.

PINK text is what people directly suggested.


i kind of started Agamemnon in order to practice a) making people look the same over multiple things (failure so far : ( ) and b) starting and maintaining a project ( i haven't abandoned it so technically i haven't failed! even though my updates have become REALLY SLOW)

so yeah. if anyone's interested i'll link the Agamemnon thread to show the whole story? but, like, i don't want it to feel like whoring : (

so yeah! that's me. sorry i don't have much : ( but school starts in a week and it'll be my first time EVER painting, so i'll probably update this thread with a failure or two, and at the very least i should be doing another agamemnon update tomorrow which.. i guess i'll post in here, too.

thank you for reading my thread! <3

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    I might get back to say something that's more informative but your second charcoal is fuck-awesome.

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    There's also the possibility you just can't really grow a bear like other guys.

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    And then I rub actual cake on myself.
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    thats why you have chest helmets
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    Napp beat me to saying it, but it's true; those figure/anatomy studies are fantastic!

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    That tag on the toe, does it mean shes dead in a morgue? Cuz if so that makes an awesome piece even better.

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    Mindsack wrote: »
    That tag on the toe, does it mean shes dead in a morgue? Cuz if so that makes an awesome piece even better.

    we were supposed to draw our own legs but make it interesting

    so i twisted fairly uncomfortably and put the tag in to make it all ~narrative~

    and thanks! <3<3<3 i wish my.. everything else was up to par with my figure work x_o but then again figure drawing makes me happier than anything so i guess it's a win? but i don't know ;-;

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    woooo more of my storything~

    this one has a HORRIBLE ratio of art to words, but i wanted to timeskip so i didn't spend 80 updates drawing them walking in the woods (WHICH I'LL END UP DOING ANYWAY), because i'm not sure how to keep it interesting x_o hence the lack of art in this. i'll likely be looking aaaat.. at least a dozen and a half more walking in the forest pictures? noooo idea how to make them not boring. i guess i could do more liberal timeskips but feeehhhhhhhh.

    spoilered because it's v-scroll like a motherfucker

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    i wanted to practice stuff i'm afraid of so i drew mr. freeze about to RAPE SOMEONE IN THE MOUTH


    i didn't realize he looks like he's about to force himself on someone til i got about 85% through, zoomed out and went oh my GOD. i can't even blame it on not sketching since i did and didn't notice it then : ( oh well

    things i'm afraid of! more vibrant colors & perspective!

    perspective is FUCKED i know but i'd love if someone could tell me how since i know it's broken but can't visualize it. he's just one color since i wanted to keep it simple at first, but i think i pushed my brights more than i usually do? i prolly could darken the darks though.. maybe.. idk

    input? i'd love you for it!

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    Only thing I can say is that he looks like he doesn't have much room in his bubblehelmet. It's as if he has a plastic bag on his head. I think his head should be a little lower, so that the top of his chestpiece covers most of the mouth, if not all of it, that or make the bubble bigger. As for the perspective....someone else will help with that. Though I don't think it's such a big deal, cuz it looks awesome.

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