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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "Awkward Family Moments", by Janson

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Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: Awkward Family Moments
Posted by: Janson

Original Content:
This is less of an awkward family moment and more of an awkward friend moment but I was reminded of it earlier and wanted to tell it:

One of my good friends has had a few crazy housemates and one of them especially always seems to be getting into scrapes.

One night she went on a date with a cute guy. They got along really well, returned to his house, had fantastic sex, and then she stayed the night.

The next morning she has to get up early for work, and wakes up while he's still asleep. Not wanting to disturb him, she figures she'll just leave him a note and be on her way. But first she really has to go to the bathroom.

She does a huge dump. Flushes the toilet, and then realises that the toilet is not flushing properly. The poop is just too large and the toilet appears broken and it's not going down. She tries again and again but is growing more desperate, and she's going to be late for work. So in her desperation she decides she'll scoop up the poop into a plastic bag and deposit it in a bin on the way to work.

She duly found a plastic bag, scooped up the poop, tied it up nicely and then proceeded to write a note to the guy: 'Thanks for last night, had a lovely time.' Leaves the note on the table and then walks out of the door.

On her way to work she realises she doesn't have the bag of poop. She left the poop on the table when she was writing the note. When the guy wakes up he is going to see her note with this bag of poop lying there on top.

She was so embarrassed she never contacted the guy again, and he certainly didn't ring her for a second date.

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