Robotsintheskies' Art Things and Other Such Misadventures: SHOW ME YOUR CRITS [NSFW]

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Here is some stuff I've worked on. I'm a 16 year old kid living in Beijing, in my senior year of high-school. I'm planning to apply to art school, and I've been (sort of) working on a portfolio to send in.

I would really appreciate whatever advice and criticisms you have, mostly for the stuff in pencil because I was too stupid to consult someone before doing the stuff in pen...

I apologize for the super shitty image-quality, I took these with a crappy digital camera and I don't have the resources (yet) to take better pictures. This isn't an excuse or anything...just sayin D:

But where is the stuff?

Oh look here it is

Done with a micron pen and colored pencil
An assignment I did during a precollege program at SVA. We were to create a creature that was made up of four different animals. I used a wolf, an oryx, a stag, and a bear.


Her face looks funny in this one









Whenever I walk into a fast-food joint I always feel a million times more gross

And for shits and giggles,
A WIP of my first full-fledged attempt at coloring in Photoshop.

A link to my Flickr I don't know why

Thanks in advance!

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  • Guy BellGuy Bell Registered User regular
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    Well, there are obviously some anatomical issues with that second girl, but I'm sure you can see that. Your hands are pretty well done, though, and they are typically what everyone gets wrong. Probably better than I was doing at 16.

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  • DeeLockDeeLock Registered User regular
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    You have a lot of potential mate.

    Those hands are really nice and as long as you keep up a good work ethic I could see you getting to be really good in a few years.

    That last digital looks a lot like something Beavotron would do. :P

    DeeLock on
  • beavotronbeavotron Registered User regular
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    i really love that first one
    i see a really interesting style emerging with you, but you're still going ahead and learning all the basics
    which means you are going to be a force to be reckoned with!

    keep at it, it's all looking great so far :)

    beavotron on
  • TamTam Registered User regular
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    You've got a very charming style coming there. You need to use a wider range of values in your studies- that chimpanzee one is muddled with too many values that are too similar to each other, for instance. This makes the forms ill-defined and detracts from the drawing in a big way.

    Man Buckwolfe is going to cry foul at that first one.

    Tam on
  • robotsintheskiesrobotsintheskies Registered User
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    Thanks a lot for the feedback you guys, Ima try to fix them up and put them on your eyeballs as soon as I can

    awwwaaaaay i goooooooo

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