Cross-Country Supertrip 2009: There and Back Again



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    So I'm still on the ccst =) Though its by my own fault... on the road I saw that it was only a 20 mile detour to see Niagra Falls, so I took it... and got back on the road to find that the highway out of buffalo was closed due to a fuel tanker tipping over. 3+ hours later, I found my way out of buffalo.

    I then took a detour when I saw that I was passing by Seneca Falls, and I took a picture next to the ruins of the church at which it was held. Also scored some cherry bawls at a nearby gas station... woot!

    Anyways, eta for arrival in NH has increased to 5am from 10pm after all was said and done. =)

    That reminds me of the first CCST. On the way back, we took a half hour detour into the middle of nowhere, SD to check out Devils Tower.

    Side note: VT, I didn't know you had an interest in the history of women's Rights.

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    I made it to Baltimore without incident.

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    Back home now! =) And indeed, I'm a bit of a history fanboy, and the Woman's Right movement was definitely a critical point in the history of our country's aspirations for equality! =)

    Only now that I'm back home do I feel the true post-PAX depression setting in. Oy =)

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    Geeks on Parade all made it back. Half of us via Amtrak (as planned) and the other half via car. Took us 'til half way through Wednesday, but we stopped after 10-12 hours of driving (I was the only driver) and we also did a little side trip through Yellowstone.

    On our way in to Yellowstone, I said to my car mate "hey, let's do Beartooth pass". Little did I know what trouble lay ahead.

    I've done Beartooth before, so I knew the roads were winding, and a little scary. We hit Yellowstone at 5:30PM, and I really wanted to be mostly over the mountain by sunset (around 8:30 or so). By the time we actually got to the start of the pass, it was 8:00. Oh, and apparently the road was completely ripped up, leaving nothing but a gravel strip to drive on.

    Once we hit the peak around 9:30, we stopped, turned the car off, and couldn't see our hands in front of our faces. Let's just say the drive down the pass took a few years off my life. I paid attention to the "road" (all 20 feet of it I could see in front of me) while my passenger kept quoting Lovecraft and muttering something about staring into the abyss...

    What was, on paper, a 100 mile detour, actually ended up adding roughly 5 hours to our trip. But after living through it, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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