balrog, rawr.

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heeeeeeeeeelllp. I've been working hard on Mr. Balrog here for a couple of days and I feel like he is lacking, missing...something. :B He IS missing a background. Suggestions, plz. :B

And if you guys would like to critique while you're at it, feel more than welcome :D


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    How about having intense light coming from the cracks, like there is white hot molten magma inside him? Make the intensity of the heat from inside look impressive and make it look like he could explode at any munite. I'v got the image in my head right now but I'm not sure how to explain it.

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    I can't really tell his position. He looks awkwardly hunched over and his body just kind of disappears after his torso. His wings look scrawny and the fire outline on his left shoulder ruins the musculature of his arm. I think in general the fire lines on his left arm need work. They need to define and flow with his muscles rather than cut through them.

    That being said his face is good and I love his horns (though the two seem to meet rather abruptly).

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